Jun 26, 2010


As a mom, my favorite days are the ones I get to spend with my kids when they're in a good mood. But as a GIRL, my favorite days are the ones where I'm locked away with colorful papers, adhesives and stickers for every occasion. And today I'm at a B&B with friends for our annual Summer scrapbooking retreat!

We arrived on Thursday night and will be cropping 'til late tonight. Grayson has the boys at home (I got a babysitter for several hours today, though, so he could have some time for himself, too.) I'm sure they're having a wonderful time, which makes us even!

After months of working really hard and no time off since we went to Orlando in January, I was so ready for a break! And being with these women, laughing and cropping, is a salve for my soul. I'll get home tomorrow totally rejuvenated and (hopefully) with lots and lots of cute pages to show off ... and it helps that the boys LOVE to look at their books.

Can't wait to see their happy faces ... right after I plow through these stacks and stacks of pictures. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, too!


Natalie said...

oh my gosh..how fun! I am going away to an overnighter scrapbook think in August..I can not wait!! Can't wait to see the adorable pages you have done!! BTW ...I just made my blog private so if you are into stalking like I am(LOL)send me your email at naturban@msn.com and you can get to see my crazy life with 5 boys!! have fun!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Natalie, it really was SO much fun! I only wish I'd done a little more BEFORE I went so that I wouldn't have been working my fingers to the bone all three days I was there! I'd love to visit your blog ... please add stainsofgrass@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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