May 13, 2010

Reveling in a "quiet" night at home

Well, I'd thought baseball would be completely over by now, but then you know we went and won a game. (!) So tonight we have our second tournament game, but last night we had a (relatively) quiet night at home. And by "quiet," I mean that the decibel level was at its usual Higher Than I'd Like setting, but no one broke any bones or poked a brother's eye out.

After supper, Grayson headed to Wal-Mart to do the grocery shopping (yes! Grayson does the grocery shopping! He says I buy too much stuff when I go, so I've been banned), and the boys and I headed outside.

We started out on the trampoline, as usual.

My flash still isn't working, so we'll have lots of blurs here. (And I say "My flash still isn't working" as if I've done something about it. But I haven't.) Nathaniel was wearing his Jedi Training Academy T-shirt from Hollywood Studios yesterday. As soon as the laundry is folded, this is the very first shirt he pulls out to wear. Consequently, it gets worn much more often than any of the other shirts in his closet.

And coincidentally, Nick was wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt that my parents gave him for Christmas as part of the "We're taking you to Disney!" gift. He pulls this one out quite often, too.

After they'd jumped for 20 minutes or so, they were ready to move on.

And while I'm thinking about it, GOOD-NESS, jumping on the trampoline is exhausting. I don't know how they can even DO it for 20 minutes, much less enjoy it for that long. Look at his hair all matted down with sweat!

Same story with this one. Toothless, sweaty to the max and loving every (literally) stinking minute of it.

Jakey had tired of jumping at about the 15-minute mark and had run down to the playset.

But by the time I got down there to watch him slide, he was saying, "Schwing. Schwing."

So I put him in his schwing, but I am NOT allowed to help him buckle in. It takes him about five minutes, but eventually he gets it.

Then he schwings for approximately 90 seconds and wants to get down and do something else.

And usually that Something Else is to interfere with the big boys' baseball practice. Because now we can't get through a night in the backyard without practicing.

Nathaniel called "fayst batteh," so he got to bat first. (I have no idea where he gets his pronunciation.)

Once again we stayed out until sky turned dark and my legs were eaten to the bone by mosquitoes ... and I'm going to let you in on a secret: the boys didn't get a bath. Yep. THAT sweaty, and I didn't bathe them. They felt like it was very important to prioritize baseball practice over being clean, so there you have it.

Internet, if you ever need help with your priorities, you just let me know and I'll get my boys right on it. THEY ARE ABLE TO MAKE THE TOUGH CHOICES.


Rachel said...

I admit that I've put my kids to bed without a bath. I'm scared to look at their beds. Maybe I should get busy on that laundry now.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Dirty kids, FTW!

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