May 18, 2010

One thing about each of them

Nathaniel: He used to sit in the third-row seat of the minivan with Nick. Lately he's been sitting in the middle row of the minivan, next to Jake. This is problematic because he can both see AND READ the speedometer.  AS IF HE WASN'T ENOUGH OF A BACKSEAT DRIVER BEFORE. Now it's, "Mommy, the speed limit is TWENTY-five, not THIRTY-five," complete with raised eyebrows. This could be remedied if I would drive the speed limit, but I'd much rather he change than change myself. That's totally reasonable.

Nicholas: The other night I was being short with him because he was being SO difficult about getting ready for bed. As I pulled the shirt off over his head, it got stuck on his chin. (CHIN, NOT NECK.) Then he started yelling at me and kicking at me and I said, "NICHOLAS. You have GOT to calm down. You have to start obeying me and being kinder." Eventually he calmed down and I was able to get him tucked in bed. As I was leaving his room, he called out to me, "YOU DON'T LOVE ME." And when I asked him why he would say that, he said, "Because you CHOKED me and you TALKED to me in a TONE." And he wonders why I call him a drama queen.

Jake: The other day while driving to the zoo, I was flipping through the radio channels when Jake squealed at me. I asked, "What? Do you want me to go back?" He said yes, so I went back one channel and asked if that was the song he wanted. He said yes again. It was Ke$ha's "Your Love is My Drug," which is a totally popular (#5 on iTunes yesterday), trendy song. SO trendy, in fact, that I have a hard time listening to it and that's why I'd skipped right over it. Our boy's going to be hip.

OK, and one more for Nathaniel, just because the DNA continues to astound me. The other day after they got home from the camping trip, he was playing in the den with Jake when Jake started screaming bloody murder. It was the "Someone took something away from me" scream, not the "I'm hurt" scream. (Just to be clear, the "Someone took something away from me" scream is MUCH louder than the "I'm hurt" scream.) So I asked Nathaniel what he'd done to Jake, and he said, "I took my Bakugan case away from him." And when I asked why he wouldn't let Jake play with them, he explained reasonably, "I don't want him to get them out of order."

Internet, I HAD NOTHING TO SAY TO THAT. I totally got it.


Sarah T. said...

Love it!

RLR said...

This is great! Re: Nathaniel and the speedometer - that's why I have Mister J sit right behind me. He prefers the passenger side of the second row, though.

Rachel said...

Both my boys who could do that whole speeding thing sit in the very back of my van, for a reason!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh, Nathaniel actually COULD see and comment on the speedometer from the third row! I just couldn't hear the commentary as well. Now I can hear it ALL TOO WELL.

Rachel, watch out! They'll probably start a running commentary even WAY BACK THERE very soon!

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