May 22, 2010

May the Force be with your breakfast

Grayson's niece Kim sent me An Important Alert recently when she found these on 

Oh yes she did. Star Wars Pancake Molds ($19.95) they are. And although I didn't know they existed until she sent me the link, I DEFINITELY must own them. We make pancakes for supper a couple of times a month, usually on Sunday evenings. Can you even wrap your head around how excited my boys would be if I put these on their plates?

I think they might just explode, they'd be so excited. Of course, these things don't always turn out like the pictures in the catalog or on TV. Case in point: Nathaniel begged and begged for those Pancake Puff things a couple of years ago, and I finally bought them, and they were nearly impossible to make correctly. OH, THE DISAPPOINTMENT. Not just theirs, but mine, too. I really wanted to eat those things.

Kim also sent the link to some Star Wars Cookie Cutters ($19.95), which aren't quite as tempting to me since I like my cookie batter in a plastic-wrapped roll with the words "Nestle Tollhouse" on the side:

But if you are the type of mom or wife who makes cookies from scratch, HAVE AT IT. I think these would be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Just admire the cuteness!

Just when I think there isn't another Star Wars-branded item we could possibly add to our home, they come out with THESE. I feel like I need to order them soon, though, since I can't be sure they got George Lucas's approval before they developed these things ... you know, Hershey's all up in their grille about the Hershey-shaped cake pan these days. Off to place my order!

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