May 15, 2010

Just because we don't know the words doesn't mean we won't sing it

(Alternative post title: I now have a YouTube account and I'm not afraid to use it.)

I've said here before that I sing along to the radio LOUDLY in my car. I don't do it when people are with me (other than the boys), but I've been caught twice -- than I can remember -- by coworkers who called to tell me that they saw me singing like my life depended on it on the way to work. Probably true. I don't hold back when no one can hear me.

I think the boys inherited that gene. This is a video I shot a couple of months ago, back at the beginning of March. I'm sure it will only be of interest to a few people, so if you want to skip it, please feel free to, LISA.

In it, they're singing along to the song "Hero" from the Disney Channel original movie Starstruck, which is still in occasional rotation on our TiVo. I actually like the song and downloaded it for my Crop Playlist (songs I listen to while I scrapbook).

The boys are up to 100 percent lyric recall now, but back then they were still learning. Have a great Saturday!


Sarah T. said...

I love that Nathaniel was obviously so embarrassed that he immediately instructed you to turn off the camera when they finished.

I will probably watch this a thousand times.

Nicole A. said...

How cute!! Love it!! My son loves to sing, he knows every word to every Jeremy Camp and Third Day song, he's bashful about it some but still belt's it out lol.

Your boys are darling!

Thanks for stopping over to visit me :)

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