May 20, 2010

The graduate

It doesn't seem like it could possibly be time.

It seems like only a few months ago that Nathaniel was graduating from preschool, and yet here we are again. Last Friday night, Nicholas graduated, class of 2010.

As the kids formally processed into the room in their caps and gowns, he seemed a little shy.

There was a lot of applause, and he looked pleased as he passed by.

(Good thing we were classing things up by wearing a black Silly Band bracelet with our cap and gown.)

After they got settled at the front of the room, we said the Pledge of Allegiance and then they sang several educational songs, including a few in sign language.

Next each of the graduates told us what they want to be when they grow up. Nicholas would like to be a policeman.

And Nick had a starring role that evening ... he's been in their Phonics program for the past couple of years, and he read an entire book from cover to cover aloud to the parents.

At the end of the ceremony, Ms. Margaret, the center director, presented him with his diploma.

We took a special picture of the four boys who have been together since they were three months old in the Infant Room ... it's rare for a group like this to make it all the way to Kindergarten as a unit, but they have! Nathan James, Seth, Nicholas and Walter are quite the crew!

Our beloved Ms. Raja made me cry, because she got so choked up while talking about Her Boys. She has taught them so well.

I am so incredibly proud of Nick for how far he's come in the last few years, how he's managed his attitude and excelled at school. Kindergarten, here we come!


Brenda said...

They grow so fast don't they..what a great little boy to be so proud of!!!

Sarah T. said...

So proud!

Rachel said...

Congrats to the graduate! :) I'm sure he'll love kindergarten.

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