Apr 28, 2010



It’s been more than a week since you turned 2, but I wanted to wait until the time seemed right to post your letter. Your birthday is such a wonderful thing to celebrate, but we've had some tough reminders of just how fleeting life is over the past week.

The beauty of being 2 is that you have no idea when things aren't going everyone else's way ... you're only aware when things aren't going YOUR way. And OH HOW AWARE YOU ARE when things aren't going your way. When I'm wiping your poopy bottom and you want to get down and play, you tell me firmly, "STOP." 

When Nathaniel is playing on the computer and you climb up behind him and he sets you back down so that you don't get in his way, you scream at the top of your lungs and come get me. Then, still puffed up and indignant, you lead me to him and point at him with your bottom lip poked out about an inch and say accusingly, "Bruddah." It is SO clear that he has wronged you, and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

When I take an empty -- EMPTY -- DVD case away from you to keep you from carrying it all over the house and losing it under a bed or a couch, you yell and yell with your little dimpled fists clenched at your sides. OH THE DRAMA. 

But as angry and indignant as you can be at times, you are equally sweet and loving. You LOVE to give hugs. You ask for kisses on all your boo-boos. You sit down on the couch beside me and press against me as close as you can, leaving not a centimeter between us. And when you then lean your head against my shoulder, I melt.

Thank you for being the perfect little brother, the one who keeps suppers interesting, who shows us who's boss on the trampoline. Thank you for demanding that we engage you and not parent lazily, for demanding that we fully experience life with you instead of just floating through it in a haze of baseball and homework and all the other minutia that threatens to overtake us every day.

You hold my heart, little man, right there in the palm of your hands. I love you more than life itself.



Sarah T. said...


Rachel said...

So sweet. I love the pictures too. They are so much fun at this age. Still just a little bit baby before it's all gone. Grasshopper will be 3 in August and I'm already mourning the last bit of baby as it's leaving.

Just a smalltown girl said...

2-3 is by FAR my favorite age! Happy Birthday little one!

paige said...

Awww. Sweet Jakey. So precious.

Shannan Martin said...

What a doll!! My little guy has that same t-shirt. (Hooray, Target clearance!)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thanks so much, all! I really can't believe he's already 2.

And yes, Flower, it WAS on clearance at Target! Gotta love $2.99!

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