Apr 1, 2010

The Easter Egg Hunt wrap-up

It's taken me several days to get around to this, but last Sunday was our annual Easter Egg Hunt with friends (mostly my Bunko group and their families) at our house. The boys FINALLY got to wear their Easter Egg shirts from Smitten & Co., which they've been asking to wear since they arrived a few weeks ago.

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, even though it had been forecasted to thunderstorm. God smiled on us for The Hunt!

About 15 minutes before it was scheduled to begin, the boys asked to go out front to welcome everyone as they arrived.

I had put the "Egg Hunt Here" sign on the gate leading to the backyard and the Welcome signposts on either side of the front steps. Here's Nick next to one of them:

Our wonderful baker-friend Vickie made a fantastic Easter Egg-shaped cake to feed 35. The colors were so vivid!

Once again, I just gave her a vague idea of what I wanted and she executed it perfectly. I think my exact words were, "I want it shaped like an egg and iced with bright Eastery colors." BINGO!

I didn't want pastels because I wanted the boys to like it as much as the girls. I think Vickie did an outstanding job!

We stashed the kids in the driveway with a few trustworthy adults while the rest of us hid the eggs in the backyard. Jake was READY to hunt. He didn't like being corralled outside the gate.

Everyone anxiously waited while we hid the eggs. There were a LOT of eggs to hide! (Each child brings 12 eggs. We put them in a huge bucket and then hide them around the yard. Then each child is supposed to leave with 12 eggs, too.)

While they waited, my friend Lisa's son DJ climbed the tree by the driveway. He wore a great shirt for the Easter Egg Hunt and for my scrapbook pages. (Remember that sentence for later.)

The natives were getting restless ...

But finally it was time to come on in! We let the kids 3 and younger come in first and hunt for about three minutes before we let all the older kids come in.

Remember what I said about DJ's shirt and how well it would go with my scrapbook pages? Uh huh. His mom Lisa's PANTS will NOT coordinate. (Lisa, you know better.)

(And now she's going to be mad at me for calling her out on the blog. Really, she has lots of great qualities, Internet. I promise.)

We must have hidden over 150 eggs. As Grayson put it, "We had more eggs than we had places to hide them." Which in our backyard is saying a LOT!

They hunted for a good 10 or 15 minutes, which is about how long their attention spans are, I guess.

Jake's attention span might have been slightly shorter than that. Once he wandered into the rocky area under our deck in search of eggs, he sort of got sidetracked by the Wonder of the Eggs Themselves and hung out there for a good while.

Nathaniel eventually lured him out with the promise of cake. And Nathaniel came away from The Hunt with a great haul ... he loved all of the candy and quarters he found in his eggs.

I'm already looking forward to next year!


Lisa said...

You're funny (in sarcasm font). Hey, I did well last year with the clothes. Give a girl a break. ;-)

Rachel said...

You hilarious! And it looks like everyone had fun.

Amanda said...

So strange that you're in AL. Your home looks EXACTLY like my aunt's in Newnan GA. Beautiful home and your boys are beyond adorable.

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