Apr 15, 2010

Chips and dip and an abrupt cut-off

I ate lunch with a couple of friends yesterday as well as someone I've never met. Vickie (the woman I'd never met) was in town on business from Houston, and we took her to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

I eat lunch often with my friend Vanessa, and she was with us, as well as our friend Sarah. (Sarah, Vanessa and I work together daily.) All of this is neither here nor there, really, but I've been away from the Internet for two days and I'm simply bursting at the seams with lots and lots of words that will not be denied.

I've noticed a strange phenomenon when eating Mexican food with Vanessa, and I was interested to see how it played out with other people at the table. (And I will not even try to lie to you here. I originally typed "...when eating Mexican with Vanessa," but then I worried about how that sounded, so I added "food" to the sentence. But I totally just say "Wanna go eat Mexican?" when I'm saying it out loud.) So anyway, when you're eating Mexican FOOD with friends, do you ever find yourselves reaching for the exact same chip in the basket when it's a fresh basket with about 100 chips to choose from? It happens to me and Vanessa ALL THE TIME, but I've never mentioned it to her. (I really ought to mention it next time it happens, because 10 years is a long time to let that go, but 11 would just be ridiculous.)

Our hands move at the same time, and I've noticed that whenever we get close to the chip we want, one of us gets it and the other one quickly diverts to another chip without saying anything. We both gravitate toward what I think of as The Perfect Chip: large enough to hold a moderate amount of cheese dip, but small enough that you can get it in your mouth in one bite so you don't have to double-dip, with slightly rounded edges to avoid drippage as you move the cheesy chip to your mouth.

Now, I realize that everyone may have a different definition of The Perfect Chip, but apparently Vanessa and I share a similar definition. Yesterday I noticed that it happened twice, but only with her, not with Vickie or Sarah. But it happens sometimes when Grayson and I are eating Mexican, too. Does that happen to you?

And I wish I had a better wrap-up for you than that, but I don't. AREN'T YOU GLAD I'M BACK? What in the world would you DO without my weak post conclusions? I'd have devoted more effort, but as you may have heard, I just got the Internet back after a two-day outage, and Twitter and about 62 blogs are calling my name. Those would be blogs written by people who actually write cohesive concluding paragraphs. The end.


Sarah T. said...

That used to happen with me and my old roommate, Scott. We both like chips that are kind of scoopy for the dip. But we definitely didn't stay silent about it, we would verbally fight for them.

paige said...

I love everything about this post. Every single thing.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I have no idea why I've remained silent about this for so long. THAT'S SO UNLIKE ME.

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