Apr 13, 2010

Bad, bad, thoughtless, bad mommy

Last night we had a really hectic time trying to get all the boys to the baseball fields by 5:30. I attempted to leave work at 4:40, but I ended up being unable to leave until 5:10, so I was rushing to pick Nathaniel up at school. Luckily he didn't have to be at his field until 6:30, but Nick's game started at 5:30 and I was taking snacks and drinks for his team. (The one thing I did right yesterday: I picked up Gatorade and peanut butter crackers for baseball on my lunch hour in case I was late leaving the office.)

Nathaniel and I finally rolled up about 6:05, but by the time we got him dressed in his uniform and made our way to Nick's field, it was 6:15 and his game was almost over. However, I got to see Nick bat once and the most important thing: the snacks and drinks were there in time!

Grayson offered to stay with Nathaniel at the ballpark so I could get Jake home, fed and put to bed at a decent hour, so Jake and I left the park a little after Nathaniel's game began. Not thinking about it, I hopped in the minivan and drove home. It wasn't until Jake was in bed and I was in the shower that I realized that Grayson didn't have a vehicle that would hold the two older boys in booster seats!

When they got home around 8:45, Nathaniel walked over to me and said teasingly, "You are a BAD mommy!" And then Grayson relayed that as they were walking to the car after the game, he hoped I'd thought to take his car home. As they neared the parking lot, he realized that I'd taken the minivan, and he notified the boys.

Nick: "We're doomed."

They loaded up, with Nathaniel in the front seat. (Be still my beating heart. I am actually re-living my nervousness as I'm typing this.) As they were driving away, Nick was concerned that they would get in trouble if someone saw them.

Nicholas: "They can't arrest us because we're too young, right?"

Nathaniel: "No, they'll just send us to juvie."


Anyway, back to when they got home and Nathaniel rightfully accused me of being a bad mommy ...

Me: "So you were in the FRONT SEAT? I'm totally scared just thinking about it. Did Daddy drive very safely and slowly on the way home?"

Nathaniel: "How would I know? I had to duck down in the seat so the policemen wouldn't see me."

So right, son, so right.


Patrice said...

HILARIOUS. That is so funny, seriously.Love those boys. :)

Sarah T. said...

I am ell-oh-elling all over the place.

brightleigh said...

Patrice got it right, this is HILARIOUS!

paige said...

That is just so funny! I love it.

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