Mar 22, 2010

You're about to be very jealous

It was actually a really nice weekend to spend much of it at the ballpark. I guess I'm still just getting used to being at the ballpark for hours on end, days in a row. Soccer was so EASY, and I didn't even realize it at the time.

Do you have multiple kids playing sports? We had two playing soccer for one season only, because Nick got bored with it and didn't want to do it anymore. But, now. NOW. Now we have two playing baseball, and it's a whole 'nother thing entirely.

4:00 - Nathaniel's practice. We couldn't make it because HELLO. That's during business hours on a weekday. Granted, it was Spring Break, but still. We had to miss it. NO WORRIES; there was a practice the following day.

5:30 - Nathaniel's practice

6:30 - Nick's practice

8 to 10:30 - Pancake breakfast fundraiser. We skipped it because I wanted to sleep and I was tired from watching all that baseball during the week.
2:00 - Nick's practice

Like I said, it was a beautiful day. I really didn't mind being there. Especially with last week's People on my lap.

Nick practiced catching grounders.

And had several turns up at bat.

He was fully committed.

And unlike soccer, he seems to be enjoying "the process."

3:00 - Nathaniel's practice. Did I mention that his practices are 90 minutes long? No? WELL THEY ARE. But the blue sky and warm weather took a little of the sting away.

This particular practice was a scrimmage, which I'd forgotten about.

That meant that they hit balls in the batting cage from 3 to 3:30, practiced fielding from 3:30 to 4, then played the game from 4 to 5:15.

The pitching machine is set at 35 mph, and for a kid who's never played before, that's FAST. Nathaniel didn't connect with any of the pitches, but he made several great plays at "middlefield," as he calls it. ("Centerfield" to the rest of us.)

5:30 - Our babysitter arrived for Date Night (the holiest of holy) and I stank of ballpark.

I would love to tell you that things will be different this week, but here's what I know so far:

6:30 - Cub Scout pack meeting

5:30 - Nathaniel's practice

5:30 - Nick's first game
7:00 - Nathaniel's first game

6:00 - A scrapbooking crop I'd LOVE to work into our schedule because it's the most fun and I consider it a personal reward!

9:00 - Nick's T-ball pictures
9:15 - Nathaniel's baseball pictures
10:00 - Nick's game
11:00 - Season opening ceremonies
12:30 - Nathaniel's game
7:00 - Child's birthday party (if we're still alive by then)

1:30 - Annual Easter egg hunt at our house
3:00 - Cub Scout service project (trail beautification or something like that)

Oh, and as Team Mom for Nick's team, last week I picked up our uniforms, dropped off the caps for monogramming, picked them up when they were done, picked up the helmets, handed out everything to the families who were at practice, and delivered everything to the homes of the two families that were out of town on Spring Break. I'm hoping now that those things are taken care of, Team Mom duties will slow down a little until the next fundraiser starts.

I know what you're thinking. I will say it for you. HELLO, MY NAME IS KATHERINE. AND I AM A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT.


megan said...

I thought that two hours of Flag Football every Saturday morning was a long time. I will now be grateful for my "short" two hours. :)Have a great week!

Lacy said...

Just imagine the memories that you are making for your kids though- it'll be worth it to them and you. Hang in there! :o) You're a great mom- I can already tell!

maura said...

Katherine, Katherine, Katherine... I feel for you! I just spent the last 6 months spending 3 days a week watching my kids at swim practice (mondays 4:45- 6, Wednesdays 4:45- 6 and Friday nights 4:45- 630) then spent 6 hours on the weekends watching them swim in meets for a total of about 1 minute each. Some days they make great strides and It is so rewarding and others it is like watching grass grow! Love my kids as I am sure you do and that my friend Is why we do these things!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Megan, I bet two hours of flag football seemed like an ETERNITY! ;)

Lacy, I'm trying to keep the "memory-making" in mind. It does mean a lot to me to be able to give the kids a chance to play sports AND to be present to watch them.

Foggogs, watching swimming is like watching paint dry, to me! You have my sympathies. ;) I remember even as a swimmer when I was young -- not a spectator -- that I would get bored waiting on all the other heats to finish so I could swim my two races. I can only imagine how bored my parents were!

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