Mar 21, 2010

Things I love: at Williams-Sonoma

My favorite season is Fall, so I'm not sure why I'm so giddy over all the Spring and Easter stuff that's been the focus of most of my catalogs recently. But everything is so bright and cheerful, and all the Easter stuff in particular is just a lot of fun. Some of my favorite things from the most recent Williams-Sonoma catalog:

Easter Egg Decorating Kit $19.95
Last year was the first year I decorated eggs with the boys for Easter. It was quite ... messy. But they had a GREAT time and have been asking for weeks when it will be time to do it again. I must tell you that I've already bought the PAAS egg decorating kits at Publix for $1.99, and they are rather plain-Jane. But if I had the means, I would be on THIS kit like the white on rice. (Or, as my friend Bev says, "like a fat kid on a cupcake.")

Italian Alabaster Eggs $36 for 6
I love brightly colored Easter eggs and put the plastic ones in my hurricane globes on the mantel around Easter. And these are INSANELY expensive -- especially because I'd need a minimum of two dozen -- but I think they're beautiful. They looked better in the pictures in the catalog, but for some reason those photos weren't online.

Mini Iced Easter Sugar Cookies $22.95 for 30 cookies
I totally expected the $22.95 to pay for something like a dozen cookies, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it covers 30. I'm not making any promises that the cookies are larger than a silver dollar, though. (They definitely look smaller in diameter than those out-of-focus eggs under them, right? They look bite-sized to me.)

Farmer's Market Herb Wreath $99.95
I'm a sucker for a pretty wreath, although I can't keep a wreath on my front door because the birds peck them to death and carry away all the pretty stuff on them. I can't fault the birds for feathering their nests with the contents of my wreaths, but neither do I need to keep buying top-quality wreaths for them to steal from. Fool me once, birdies, shame on you. Fool me twice ...

Giant Donut Cake Pan $19.95 for 2
I don't know what it is about the shape of this pan that's different from my Bundt pan, but I can tell you right now that my Bundt cakes don't come out looking as cute as this one. And I don't think it's just the icing method and sprinkles, either. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CUTER CAKE? This is adorable.

And it absolutely makes me want to go bake a Bundt cake and ice it this way just so I can see how it turns out.


Melissa said...

I got my kids the Easter Egg kit but we haven't used it yet! I decided it was just too cute to pass up!

Amanda said...

The cake shown is actually 2 different ones pieced together. The bottom layer is upside down and the lop layer placed on top to create the donut effect. You can sort of see the's essentially just a smooth bunt cake pan. Try to make one :) they are very easy!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Melissa, let me know how they turn out!

Amanda, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That makes sense. Ha!

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