Mar 14, 2010

Things I love: at Pottery Barn

It's no secret that I love all things Pottery Barn. I don't care how matchy-matchy that makes me or how un-unique my home would be if I were able to furnish it exclusively in Pottery Barn goods. I love it all.

Spring is practically here (or is it already here? I have no idea when the first official day of Spring is/was.), so I thought I'd post a few things that caught my eye in the latest catalog.

(Do you have to post advertising disclosures when hardly anyone reads your blog, you have no advertisers and the companies have no idea you're posting pictures of their products on your blog? I'm really fuzzy on The New Rules, but I'm gonna go with No.)

I am not what you would call a Table Setter. I have some casual china that we use every day, and I have serving platters that I use when we have company. But I don't have any seasonal decorations that I pull out for the table, nor do I have special napkins or centerpieces or anything like that.

However, if I had all the time and money in the world, I WOULD BE THAT GIRL. Pretty tables are something I aspire to feature in our home. My pretty Easter table would look a lot like this one:

Except my eggs wouldn't be crooked.

This next item is actually on my wish list for realz. It's the Daniella Chest and I'd love to have two of them as our master bedroom side tables. I love how much storage they'd offer, and their curved lines would complement our sleigh bed nicely. They'd also break up all the dark wood we have in our room, since we have a whole set of mahogany furniture from Bassett (I think). Not that I can afford them, but I think they'd also be too tall to use as bedside tables. Still, I'd check, because I'm that in love with them.

This time of year I always get a renewed tug at my heart for my One Day Sometime in the Future Screened-in Porch. And that tug is usually accompanied by a tug for a beautiful outdoor living space furnished with something beautiful to match. This could be it:

And while I'm at it -- decorating my In My Dreams outdoor living space, that is -- I'm adding some nice lanterns. I would totally build an arbor and hang these babies from it. GORGE. (That's short for "gorgeous," not an indication that I'm about to go eat a lot of something. Although I'm not promising that I won't.)

And finally, I would like for someone to come complete this set of frames for me in my house. Just like this. Thank you.

Also, I would like to say that although there are no rooms in my house that feature blue or even blue accents or accessories, perhaps I am one of those people who had a beach house in a previous life. Because when I see something like this, I am completely drawn to it and think it is so beautiful and serene ... probably because of the blue, and the paneling. I love it all.

P.S. I realize that it is probably sacrilegious to talk about past lives on a Sunday. (Or at least it is if you're a Christian. It's actually probably just fine if you're a Scientologist.) And while I'm thinking about it, it has always bothered me that sacrilegious is spelled that way, because it would make more sense and be easier to remember if it were spelled "sacreligious."


Sewconsult said...
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Rachel said...

I totally agree on the spelling thing. Blue is my staple color. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I started to buy clothes in colors other than blue. And your PB picks are some of my favorites.
I usually say, 'In my next life I'm going to... marry a man with an accent, be a gypsy, live overseas, own a beach house." lol. Past life, next life, either way. :)

LeeandLoren said...

I do believe our houses would be identical if we both had our dreams come true! I'm addin gblue to the color palette as I redecorate, needed a change since right now everything is red and green.

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