Mar 9, 2010

Our baby smells extra-sweet

A couple of weeks ago as Grayson was dressing Jake for bed, he kissed him on the head and said, "Mmm, Jakey. You smell so good!" And Nick, who was standing behind him, yelled, "I wanna smell him! I wanna smell him! LET ME SMELL HIM!"

So Grayson leaned Jake down and let Nick smell his head, and Nick said, "DADDY. He smells like SIW-WUP."

And Internet, he did. The baby smelled like syrup. We assumed he might have had pancakes with syrup at lunch that day and had gotten a little in his hair or something. But the next evening Grayson turned around in the kitchen to see Jake sitting on the floor in front of the open refrigerator, syrup bottle turned upside down over his head, trying to suck down the syrup.

I hadn't witnessed it for myself until last night. I ran to grab the camera when I saw what was coming:

Syrup in hand:

VICTORY! Mommy, may I?

I've got the syrup. Will you help me? Quick, before people realize how much Cherry Coke Zero you've got back there.

It'll only take you a second to pop the top for me.

Hold on. I'm having a Come to Jesus Moment.

OK, I'm back.

PLEASE, Mommy. Don't make me pull my hair out.

Seriously. Have you TASTED this stuff? It's like nectar from the heavens.

I can try shaking it to see if I can get it to spew out like the yogurt does.

No? Well, then PLEASE help me get it open!

I'll swing it behind me like the dry cleaning if that makes me look cuter.



Whatevs. I'll just unscrew the top.

OK, my fine motor isn't quite there yet.

I'm begging you, Mommy.

Just a LITTLE bit of syrup.

For ME.

And then he exploded into a little fireball of tears and snot because I said, "No."



Wendy said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! What a cutie ☺ !

Sarah T. said...

Well, this made my week. This is one of those posts I'll probably read 20 times over.

Sewconsult said...

So, So Funny. I have an aversion to maple syrup...the smell & the taste. When my 2 yr old niece was in my Sunday School class, my BIL would hand her over to me & I would almost gag. Sunday breakfasts at my sister's house meant pancakes or waffles. I really wished that dear Meg would learn to like blueberry syrup!

Rachel said...

How funny! I love the play by play...and the fact that he's making this a regular after dinner treat.

HandyFamily said...

HILARIOUS! Both you and Jakey!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm so glad WE don't have an aversion to maple syrup around here! I don't think he's managed to get much -- if any -- of it in his mouth yet, but he's doing his darndest to try. And since inevitably there's some syrup on the outside of the bottle, he's been able to get enough of it to wear it like perfume.

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