Mar 2, 2010

Look, ma! No cavities!

Internet, recently you said you'd like to see pictures AND words when you come by each day. And I was like, THESE PEOPLE ARE HIGH-MAINTENANCE. But you know, I can't judge because I totally live in the biggest glass house in the neighborhood. I like for people to post daily, too, and I don't really care what they talk about so long as they make sure That One Big Click It Took To Get Me There was worth it.

So here's what your click gets you today: The Dentist. AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU CAME?

Our pediatric dentist has a great waiting room. On one side is a room painted navy blue with a large conference table and comfy chairs where older kids can settle in and do their homework. On the other side is a toddler-sized archway that leads to a Magical Land with toys and a TV that shows Disney movies in a continuous loop.

When we arrived, all three boys ran straight into the playroom.

My Baby in the Argyle Sweater who is Too Cute for Words explored the whole room, not remembering having been there before. (Sorry, Beckie. I know you want to yank that paci out of his mouth. We give them up at 2, people.)

Nathaniel was called back first, and he went back all by himself ... Mr. Independent. I went back a few minutes later just to snap a few pictures. I love the hygienists' rooms because they are so cheerful and colorful.

The reason they asked me to bring Jake with us is that they like for kids under 2 to come "observe" a sibling getting a checkup before it's time for them to have one, if possible. Jake was fascinated.

Nathaniel was doing well, so we left him to it and went back out to the waiting room.

Jake, who never met a stranger, climbed up on the couch with a family we didn't know.

He babbled to them for several minutes and played with the little girl, then grabbed a Highlights magazine off the shelf and climbed up in a chair to read it.

Just like reading the maps at Disney World, he was very focused on his mission.

He cracks me up the way he flips through it with his thumb and index finger, just like adults do.

Oh! He saw something he really liked!

When Nathaniel was done, the hygienist called Nick back. He needed his first set of X-rays.


Since neither of the boys has ever had a cavity, they have no reason to fear the dentist or a teeth cleaning. Nick was all smiles in the chair. (I certainly don't give MY dentist the dimples, but to each his own.)

His checkup went off without a hitch.

He chose strawberry fluoride. (OH SNAP. WHAT IS THIS BLOG COMING TO? You know how Patrice and I joke occasionally about readers not caring what you had for lunch? I have now taken it to a whole new level.)

At any rate, Nathaniel and Nick got great reports and cheap little toys to match, and Jake got a first-hand look at what it will be like when we go back in August and he has to sit in that chair. Thank GOODNESS for the cheap toys ... they are SUCH a great motivator.



Sewconsult said...

Oh, great...I'm not officially the commenter who doesn't like the paci! The first visit for our youngest daughter made me livid! This rather snot-y hygienist said that my daughter's overbite was cause by thumb sucking. I said, no, it's familial! I do have an overbite from thumb-sucking, but Ashley never sucked her thumb. She was only a paci user for a short time. I am all for pacifiers and wish I had been given one instead of my thumb! I just kept telling my girls, "I can't understand you with the paci in your mouth". They were both early talkers, so they wanted to talk more than use the paci. Good luck with the de-paci stage!

Rachel said...

Lol! We gave up pacis at 3 so you are a year ahead of us. Glad they get such good reports at the dentist!

maura said...

Ooh I wish I could say the same for my son. We are headed to the dentist to have his first and hopefully last cavity fill this week. UGH! I am hoping that a shot in the mouth may be all he needs to convince him to brush better!

Sarah T. said...

I love seeing pictures of the boys, no matter where they are.
Dentist visits look like they're much-improved since we were kids. But I'm still cavity-free at 33! Yay me.

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