Feb 17, 2010

Shallow as the day is long

I was Googling one of our Founding Fathers the other day and realized that I'm not the only one out there who doesn't have American history on my mind all the time.

Since I live with and am friends with many people who seem to have the entire history of the world memorized (whereas I usually failed even the most basic matching History quizzes in school), I just assume that most everyone is more similar to my peeps than they are to me.

Thank you, Google, for proving that I'm not alone! Who's the most Googled Thomas? THAT'S RIGHT.

Thomas the Tank Engine. (Warning: NSFW.) (Just kidding.)

And who's the most Googled Benjamin?

My man Benjamin Moore, that's who. Awwriiiiiight.


Wade's World said...

Love it!!

Most of google's helpful suggestions as for what I might be looking for are just plain weird.

And sometimes oddly helpful!

paige said...

I'm just proud of you for googling them at all. :)

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