Feb 19, 2010

The more the merrier

You can tell from the types of pages that I do in my scrapbooks that I generally like to fit as many pictures on a page as I can, and if that means that I have to do without a lot of embellishment (stickers, papers, titles), I've learned to live with it. I think the pictures ought to be the stars, anyway.

So over the last few years, I'd really gotten dependent on a feature that Kodak Gallery had in which you could do photo collages and print them off in any size (I loved the 8x10 size). I would put 9 pictures on one 8x10, then have it shipped. Once it arrived, I'd cut the pictures apart and mount them on my page. (Each one was roughly wallet-sized at that point.)

For any event I was covering, I'd do one vertical collage and one horizontal, and it usually worked out great.

The end result was being able to get about 18 pictures on a two-page spread with a small title bar or a few little embellishments, as well.

Last year for one of our trips to Chattanooga, I tried doing 16 pictures in the collages (4x4) instead of nine (3x3).

It definitely helped me get more pictures on the pages, but I ended up thinking the pictures were just a little too small, so I didn't do any more layouts that way.

I wouldn't scrapbook a once-in-a-lifetime trip that way, because you'd miss a lot of detail in the pictures with the prints being so small. But for trips you take often or events where you take a lot of pictures that are similar (I did a lot of soccer layouts this way), it works very well.

Unfortunately, Kodak Gallery did away with the collage option when they revamped their Web site. (Booooooooo.) And I've heard that you can do it on Picasa, which I've downloaded but haven't figured out how to use yet. But regardless, I'll still try to use this technique in some way. Too many pictures, too little space in each album to do otherwise!


3XMom said...

oooh...I like the 4x4 and 3x3 options! Great for gymnastics class or a trip to the playground! Thanks!

Mandy said...

You can get 8 X 10 collage prints (or other sizes) from Walgreens.com and either pick them up in your nearest store or have them shipped (for a small fee). Love the idea of getting them this way and then cutting up for the scrap book! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You can also do 4 wallet sized (5X7) at the kodak kiosk at CVS. Figured it out on accident around Christmas time.

Vanessa said...

You are really making me want to scrapbook! I just have so many other things that NEED to be done! : ) I had a friend that made collages like yours in photoshop. It was great! I have been meaning to try it! Thanks for the inspiration.

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