Feb 13, 2010


The huge pile of laundry from last weekend is finally folded.

Of course, you'll note that it's already another weekend, so I have to start all over again. SHOOT.

Are anyone else's kids completely obsessed with PJs? My boys all love them. Nick's stack:

Nathaniel's stack:

And Jake's stack:

They love to wear a different pair every night, which generates as many PJs as it does daily clothes. SHEESH.

So we started more loads this morning and hopefully I'll get it folded and put away more quickly this weekend. I hate it when the guest bed stays piled up like that all week long. Plus, we have friends coming into town next weekend and they'll need that bed.

On the plus side, look! This is my favorite thing in the house next to a guest bed with no clothes on it because the clothes are all folded and put away ... an empty kitchen sink.

I strive to have it empty and clean every night before bed, because that's as effective a sleeping pill as I'll ever need. It doesn't always happen, but it's a happy sight.

So we had snow today which is Exciting! for Alabama! And I know that a post about that would have been more welcome than one about my laundry and kitchen sink, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, folded clothes wishes and clean sink dreams ...

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