Feb 26, 2010

Every single night lately

I've sort of wanted a side-by-side fridge/freezer for a few years now, but recently I've REALLY begun to want one.

WHY, you ask? Because Jake can reach EVERYTHING in our top-and-bottom model no matter where I put it. Specifically, yogurt.

The boys all eat at least one yogurt per day. The big boys like Trix yogurt, but Jake eats the larger container of Great Value brand yogurt. BUT LATELY he's started grabbing the Trix. And twice while I've been in the bathroom I've come out to find him carrying this around:

He hasn't mastered peeling the foil top off yet, so he's figured out he can puncture the top with his teeth or a spoon and then dig the spoon in and eat it like that. Necessity is the mother of invention, you know.

So typically I grab him up, slap a Bibster on him and put him in his high chair to finish it off (after I skillfully remove the foil top; I AM good for something, after all -- although I just noticed that there are little pieces of foil still on this one. Maybe Nathaniel peeled that one for him. I am not a leave-foil-behind kind of girl.)

He's great with the spoon ... after all, the spoon is his friend. It helped him break into the yogurt. But fingers are good, too.

Typically I can convince him to go back to the spoon.

And he'll polish it off and then want to head back to the fridge for more.

Especially if his brothers are having some ... which they usually are.

I do not even want to TELL you how much yogurt we go through in a week around here. (And I'm still going to call it "yogurt" even though I don't know how yogurty Trix yogurt actually is. It's made by Yoplait ... that has to count for something, right?)

And no evening would be complete without a little post-yogurt swordfight, so I have to include this for you, too.

Yogurt and swords. We are a very simple people.


Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

I can totally relate. My boys are very much into yogurt too. But don't trade the top/bottom frig for a side by side. I was thinking the same thing so we left our trio fridge at our old house and now have a side by side. My youngest now so just uses the shelves as a ladder. I miss my old frig and the space/layout. Have a great weekend!

Sewconsult said...

I think the yogurt cups are one of the best thing since sliced bread!

Glad you are able to comment on my blog now! Thanks for stopping by.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I can totally see our boys using the shelves as a ladder ... I guess I need to re-think my strategy!

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