Jan 2, 2010

Katie and I are thisclose

On New Year's Eve we went to see two movies ... this was our third NYE in a row to create a "double feature" for ourselves.

Two years ago it was National Treasure and Juno. Last year it was and Yes Man and Slumdog Millionaire. This year we saw Invictus and It's Complicated. We always make a conscious decision to choose two movies that are pretty different from one another, and so far it's worked pretty well.

I think I would have enjoyed Invictus more if I understood rugby at all. Honestly, it looks like the game our boys would invent if they just sat down one day and said, "Let's make up a game. Here's the rules ..." Basically it looks like anything goes. You can lift up a teammate to catch a pass, there's tackling, huddling, pushing, grunting like buffaloes, kicking, throwing ... it's a true hodgepodge. Something for everyone ... or at least, for every BOY. Morgan Freeman was incredible as Nelson Mandela, and Matt Damon was good as the captain of the rugby team. (But I love Matt Damon, so I'm probably biased.)

Complicated was funnier than I thought it would be ... they DID (as usual) give away some of the funniest lines in the trailer, but I still really enjoyed it. John Krasinski stole every single scene he was in.

So you would think we'd had our share of movies for the weekend, but no. We downloaded and watched The Ugly Truth last night. When I asked Grayson to download it, he asked, "Is that the Katherine Heigl one?" The question sounded strange to me. I was thinking, "Is that her name? Is that right? Why does that sound .... OHHHHH. He means KATIE Heigl. So, yes."

Of course, I only said "Yes" out loud. But I have astonished even MYSELF with the realization that I apparently internally refer to this actress by her nickname. People and EW have officially compromised my brain parts.

We still have one other movie possibility for the weekend ... we have Sideways from Netflix, but it's over two hours long and I just don't know if I can take that much of Pauly Giamatti, Sandy Oh, Ginny Madsden and Tommy Haden Church. I'll have to let you know.


Melanie said...

You know Sideways is one of my favorites, but you should probably have your scrapbooking work handy. There are LOTS of instrumental (jazz flute) segments, driving scenes, etc.

Also one of my favorite movie lines: "I'm not drinking any &*@#ing Merlot!"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

How funny. I can't get Nathan to go to the movies more than once a year with me. I liked Ugly Truth but it does have a few 'moments'. We made sure the children were asleep. I laughed so hard I cried though.

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