Jan 7, 2010

I fear death by electrocution

For Christmas the big boys received a couple of gifts that we hadn't cracked open until this week. One of them was an electricity kit. AN ELECTRICITY KIT!

This is something I would NEVER have tried as a kid, because I was (and am) so averse to shocks. I am very particular about the brand of socks I wear because I finally found a brand that seems to conduct less static electricity than others, and I am hooked. I always ground myself by touching a metal part of my car as I slide across the seat to get out so that I won't get shocked when I turn around to shut the door. I touch a car key to my office door as I leave work at night to rid myself of the static electricity I generated when I put on my coat. See? I HATE GETTING SHOCKED.

Anyway, the boys were beyond excited about this death trap and couldn't wait to try it. The book was illustrated very clearly and was easy for Nathaniel to read:

They successfully hooked up a lightbulb on their first try!

See? Boy geniuses.

Next, they hooked up a battery to run a little motor. It made a nice little whirring sound.

Then they added a spinning pinwheel.

It worked, too!

The other things they opened were two of their stocking stuffers ... Nathaniel had gotten a Lego Christmas tree and Nick a Lego Santa.

It only took them about 15 minutes to put them together, and I think they're the cutest things they've ever built!

Plus, ADDED BONUS: Legos won't shock the fire out of you unexpectedly.

Whereas I wasn't willing to help with the electricity kit, I was more than happy to join in on the Lego fun.

Nathaniel didn't need any help at all ... and he even went rogue on the Christmas lights and put them on randomly instead of following the directions to a T. (Those were his father's genes coming into play, obviously.)

I'll definitely be buying more of those simple sets for the stockings this Christmas ... maybe Jakey will even get one this year!


Wade's World said...

I too hate getting shocked, but I'm like a live wire for running currents through my fingers. I'm always shocking my husband or my son whenever I touch them. It gets on their nerves too!

Sarah T. said...

It CRACKS me UP when in the middle of a "clothed" post, one of the boys inexplicably has his shirt off in the next.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Yeah, Nick's robe was impeding his ability to Lego-build efficiently. Since he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath, there you have it.

Rachel said...

I got the cutest boots last weekend, since then I seem to be getting shocked frequently while wearing them. I guess beauty really is pain. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I have a friend who told me yesterday that she threw some gloves away because the same thing kept happening to her!

HandyFamily said...

Love those Lego sets! They are so easy for the younger ones to manage all by themselves!

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