Jan 21, 2010

The Derby is approaching

Nathaniel gets so excited about all of his Cub Scout projects, and his current one is no exception. The Annual Pinewood Derby takes place the day after we return from Disney World, so he had to build his derby car last weekend. Any guesses how involved it is to build a tiny little derby car? There's a full page of Rules. It contains lots of bolds, underlines and CAPS. (THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.)

So it's not just a little derby car box.

Look. I'm about to go all Pioneer Woman on you. Here are all the ingredients you need to make a derby car:

Once they broke open the safety goggles, everyone donned a pair.

Then they got to work a'sawin'. (I HAVE NEVER SAID THAT BEFORE IN MY LIFE.)

Nick can't be left out, so he helped out every step of the way.

After they'd shaved off some of the wood to give them the basic shape of the derbymobile extraordinaire, they came back inside and weighed it with the remaining parts to make sure it was under 5 ounces, per The Rules.

Just made it!

They shaved off a little bit more, because the weight of the paint wasn't accounted for on the scale and they didn't want to risk going over. Next on the agenda was drilling holes.

Again with the helping. He can't WAIT to be in Scouts, too.

Next came the spray paint.

Then it was finally time for the accent painting! This is heady stuff.

I hope I'll get to be at the Derby to take pictures, but if not, I'll send Grayson with the camera. GO, DEN 6!


Kristin said...

Thanks for you kind comments on my kitchen, gorgeous family!

Anonymous said...

Speaking (typing?) as a past derby winner for pack 213, make sure you get that bad boy right at 5 ounces. stick a dime, quarter, whatever it takes to hit exactly 5 ounces. Grayson probably knows this, but just in case thought I'd tell ya. Love that drill action Hilton boys!


Rachel said...

Derby cars are a hit here at our house too. We haven't done Scouts but we have done Royal Rangers and they love Derby Day.

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