Dec 15, 2009

Our budding general contractor

Last week I went to Nathaniel's class to photograph their gingerbread house building party. There was anticipation in the air.

They started out with milk cartons and covered them with icing and graham crackers. Old-school style. I remember building mine the same way when I was little.

I took pictures of all the kids as they made their houses, and they put together some great ones. Nathaniel accepted a little help from me, but he did it mostly on his own.

He was most proud of the candycanes he fashioned for the front door and the green gumdrops he added for bushes. I was most proud of the two yellow gummy bears we used as sconces.

I also loved his use of symmetry. For the most part, his house was very balanced.

And on the back side, he made windows out of M&Ms and put a yellow one in the middle of each to simulate light. THAT'S MY BOY.

He's always loved watching HGTV design shows with me, but maybe in the near future he'll start loving them For Realz and not just in an attempt to stay up 20 minutes past his bedtime.


Rachel said...

What a cute idea. The kids and I did a gingerbread house on Saturday but it was a kit and was the first time I had ever made one.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, I've wondered about those kits for a long time. I've never bought one, but after seeing how much Nathaniel enjoyed building his house, it makes me ALMOST want to buy a kit next year. ALMOST. :)

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