Dec 4, 2009

Letter to Jonah III


I can hardly believe it's already been almost a week since I hugged your sweet self! I've been meaning to write you all week but wanted to wait until I could wrap my brain around what I wanted to say.

I guess it all boils down to this: You Amaze Me! If the physical signs of EB weren't visible, no one would EVER know that you are in a daily battle against your skin. Let me just tell you, there are very few 9-month-olds who don't nap much out there who have your sunny disposition! What a treat it was just to sit with you at the dining room table, you clutching your football, me clutching my carbs ...

Seriously, you were the life of the party. You weren't all that interested in eating, but you WERE interested in keeping me entertained. Your expressions are priceless, and your personality just shines.

And those BLUE EYES! They are absolutely to die for. I promise you, I would have eaten you with a spoon (right after I ate my second helping of Debbie's sweet potato casserole) if I'd thought your mommy and daddy wouldn't miss you.

But I guess they'd really like to keep you, especially because when you weren't busy being content in your high chair, you were happy as all get out in your bouncy seat or on your pallet on the floor. You were TOTALLY rockin' that mohawk, Jonut.

You've grown SO MUCH since the beach, just a few short months ago. I swear to you, you are making as many noises as Jake is, and he's twice your age! You just babble your little heart out, and I loved hearing you experiment with your voice.

When the other kids were outside enjoying the bouncy house, you loved watching them with your daddy from the porch. You were fascinated by the brightly colored inflatable and the kids' happy squeals. It's my greatest hope that one day you'll be able to join them with no fear and no repercussions.

Did you know that thousands of people are praying for you? Yep. Most of them read your mommy's blog and get worried when she doesn't tell them what you've done some days. She jokes that no one cares what she had for lunch, but -- shh! don't tell her! -- THEY ACTUALLY DO. She's such a good writer and has fostered such a love for you in people who have never even met either of you that people truly want to know what you both ate for lunch. Amazing, right? And you make them all SO happy when you eat well, so keep it up for us, OK, little man?

It's incredibly easy for me to forget that you're not a typical kid. When I look into your face, I don't see your blisters; I see your eyes and your smile. When I watch you kick your heels wildly and squeal with glee as you pound the floor with them, I don't see your bandaged legs; I see a baby "kicking the tires," learning with joy how all his parts work. Do you know why that is? It's because you're utterly captivating. As a matter of fact, I sort of GET why people want to know what you had for lunch.

You're our little rock star, and I love you so much. And hey ... I heard you loved Target yesterday. THAT'S MY BOY!

Aunt Katherine


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful letter and pictures of Jonah! I follow his blog as well and you all seem like such a close family. How blessed you all are!

Kim in MI

Wade's World said...

What an amazing post about an amazing kiddo!

Sabrina said...

That was so sweet. I pray for that little guy everyday. He just looks & sounds like such a JOY!

shanemotb said...

You made me cry! I found you through Jonah and have loved every minute of your blog. This was absolutely precious! He is such an amazing little boy and I am so glad that you are able to see him and enjoy him.

Thanks for the GREAT pictures and for sharing your family with us....

Shane, mommy of Twin boys Alex and Sam

Melanie (Big Jake) said...

Aren't we the luckiest great aunts in the universe? We get to love on Jonah! Great photo of the two of you. Terrific post!

Patrice said...

Thanks Katherine. We loved seeing you guys too. I can't believe you got snow. Crazy. Hope you guys are great.

Miss you lots. Jonah says to tell you, "da-da-ma-ba-ah." I have no idea. This is between you and him.


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