Dec 1, 2009

In the interest of helping those who apparently cannot help themselves

It became apparent to me while I was driving the four legs of our trip to South Carolina and back that there are people who have no idea that they should not be driving in the left lane, which is NORMALLY RESERVED FOR FAST-MOVING TRAFFIC.

This population, which should be banned from the left lane entirely, but especially on the Sunday after a holiday, includes:

- the generally oblivious who cannot be bothered to notice that they have traffic backed up 17 cars deep behind them.

- the below-the-limiters, who plan to drive no more than 55 miles per hour, even if the speed limit is 70. (This group often overlaps with the generally oblivious, mentioned above.)

- tour buses.

- horse trailers.

- sleepy 90-year-old men, who do not notice the look you give them as you pass them on the right after waiting 21 minutes for them to move over so you can pass on the left.

- pickup trucks pulling metal trailers holding any or all of the following:
- four-wheelers
- gardening implements
- sticks of your grandmother's furniture
- Igloo coolers
- golf carts

I encountered ALL of these things in the left lane during our trip, and not just once. Multiple times for each of them. It did NOT put me in the Thanksgiving mood.

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