Nov 25, 2009

Party of 30

This year we'll be spending Thanksgiving with Grayson's side of the family, which will be great because last year I didn't have any more vacation for the holidays because of my maternity leave over the summer, so we missed Christmas with them (we switch off holidays between our extended families every year).

Last year one of Nathaniel's Kindergarten assignments was to journal and draw a picture of what Thanksgiving is like in his family. (And remember, Grayson's family is Very Large, the group we go to the beach with each Summer.)

So when I got to that page in his Journal as I was re-reading it recently, I found this there (click to enlarge):

And that, friends, is a very accurate picture of what Thanksgiving Day will look like. Lots and lots and lots of people crowded around several tables, possibly a child sitting on someone's head, at least one person passed out on the floor napping after eating too much, and more smiles than you can count.


HandyFamily said...

Priceless! Happy Thanksgiving!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thank you! You, too. We are already enjoying it. Got to see Jonah tonight!

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