Nov 17, 2009

An open letter to Twitter

Dear Twitter,

I regret to inform you that I think you've been hacked.

Last Friday, I received an e-mail in my inbox titled "Amy Grant (amygrant) is now following you on Twitter."

I thought to myself, "I follow Amy Grant -- the famous singer -- on Twitter, and that's her Twitter name. How odd."

So I clicked through to see what was going on, and I found that Amy Grant (THE FAMOUS ONE) was indeed following me. From her Verified account. Here is what I looked like at that moment:

Clearly there has been some kind of mistake. I've given her several days to realize that she made some sort of mis-click. I mean, if she's smart she's already figured it out on her own ... unless she's interested in weather conditions on local soccer fields and could benefit from Tweets like the one I sent from my phone on Nov. 12: Wiping mud off my ankles at Nathaniel's soccer game. Ida dumped more rain on the fields, and they're a MESS!

But seriously, Twitter, you really ought to run some QA on your site and make sure nothing's amiss. I'm relatively certain you've been compromised.

Katherine (@grass_stains)


Sewconsult said...

Why not Amy? I am following reading your blog. I find you funny, talented & just a bit sarcastic...make that alot sarcastic. My kind of gal! Common Amy...join in the chatter.

By the way, Amy & I live in the same county in TN! I was even parked in front of her at the airport when we were being dropped off for a flight. She's a nice person.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Sewconsult said...

That was suppose to say "Come on, Amy".
My fingers typed faster than my brain.

Sabrina said...

You are hilarious!

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