Nov 21, 2009

Muffins of corn

Yesterday was Nathaniel's Thanksgiving celebration at school (Hi, Miss H!), and we were assigned to bring a dozen corn muffins for the event.

I just bought a couple of those Mrs. White cornbread mixes, and I intended for Nathaniel to mix them up for me in a bowl and I'd pop them in the oven -- but then he got tied up in homework and I ended up mixing them up myself while he did his practice spelling test. (He LIVES for the practice spelling test. He was the only one in after-school care who voted to do the practice spelling test instead of watching a movie. The vote was 11 to 1. That's why we ended up doing it at home.)

Anyway, I was intrigued by the baking note on the bag that you could add two tablespoons of honey to the mix to make it a little sweeter. YOU BET YOUR BUNS I ADDED IT. (And if you're not allergic to nuts, the bag also said you can add crushed pecans. I was worried about kids with nut allergies, so I left those out.)

I let Nathaniel choose whether to use our muffin pan, mini-muffin pan, or brick pan. He chose bricks.

I love my DeMarle flex molds ... everything bakes so evenly in them, and you don't even use cooking spray or shortening or anything. (I know they're expensive ... I bought them from a friend when she was starting to sell for them, but they've turned out to be worth every penny.)

Muffins pop right out, leaving just a few crumbs behind.

It's amazing, really. When I got done popping out all of our cornbread bricks, this is what was left!

And we ended up with 12 perfect little bricks for him to take to school yesterday.

They were a big hit! And the next time I make cornbread, I will DEFINITELY be adding the honey. YUM-MY.

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