Nov 4, 2009

Minus 23.6, and I still love candy

I've lost a little more weight over the past couple of weeks, but IT'S REALLY BEEN TOUGH. If you ever wondered -- while you're lying awake at night, thinking about me -- if after 14 weeks of dieting I would finally lose my sweet tooth, the answer is HELL NO. (And I would say, "Heck, no," for you fine, upstanding people of the Internet, but quite frankly, that just wouldn't be honest.) Remember that dieting makes me profane. (I typed "profound" first, and then realized that wasn't what I was trying to say. Or was it?)

MOVING ON. All that to say, I still love me some sweets, and Halloween Week has been hellacious. I have limited myself to just a few pieces, so overall I have stayed true to The Program, but my oh my if it hasn't taken EVERY STINKING MOLECULE of my willpower to do it. I would seriously consider subjecting myself to physical pain for a Reese's Cup right now. And that sentence will make a lot more sense once I share the following anecdote with you:

Yesterday I took Nicholas with me to Jake's 18-month pediatrician's visit. Once there, the nurse told me that their flu vaccine had finally come in, and she asked if I wanted to vaccinate both boys since they were both there. I looked at Nick:

Me: "Nicholas, I wasn't planning to do this today, and I would have told you if I were. I wouldn't have brought you here without being honest with you. But they have the flu shots, and I need you to get one while we're here."

Nicholas: "I don't want a shot."

Me: "I know, but you need to have one to keep you from getting sick this winter. I'll tell you what: If you cooperate and do a great job, I'll take you to the gas station afterward and you can pick out any treat you'd like to have."

Nicholas: "OK."

Nurse: "Hey, he's old enough to get the Flu Mist, and we just got that in, too. Do you want that, instead?"

Me: "Yes, he had that last year and it was great. Let's do that."

Nicholas: "So I don't have to get a shot?"

Me: "Nope. But I'm not going to get you a treat for taking Flu Mist, either. It's just a sniff up your nose. No needle."

Nicholas: "BUT I WANT A TREAT."

Nurse: "Honey, I'll give you a sucker when you're done."

Nicholas: "I want a BETTER treat than that. GIMME THE SHOT."

Internet, I believe that's the most absolute proof I've ever seen that my DNA is in there. THOSE WERE MY GENES TALKING.

P.S. He got the Flu Mist AND a treat -- because I'm just that much of a pushover. And he was that cute.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost daily and found you off of Jonah's site - but I never comment. Your story about your son at the Dr made me laugh/giggle out loud at work!! That is hilarious!! (I might have said that also - I sure have a sweet tooth) Also - way to go on your weight loss!! Tracey/WI

Sewconsult said...

So proud of you! My nephew once locked himself in the doctor's bathroom to avoid his shot. I scolded my sister when she carried him out of the office without getting his shots. I suggested that she should have gotten one for being a wimpy mom! Her husband had to take Scott back another day to get the shots.

Rachel said...

How funny. Mine would be the opposite. They won't even do it for a treat. There is no bribery for shots. We've tried.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed this one ... he TOTALLY shocked me with being willing to get a shot! Candy is a BIIIIIG motivator, clearly. :)

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