Nov 11, 2009

Little wins

- I remembered to look for my name in the Hs instead of the Ts in an alphabetized list. I've only been married for 14 years ... you can't re-learn these things overnight, you know.

- I remembered to put Shout on the grocery list without making a note to do it. That means I made it all the way from the second floor to the first floor of the house without that little piece of info magically departing my brain prematurely. Uh-freaking-mazing.

- I remembered to record the news the night Nathaniel's Cub Scout den was featured. Again, without the aid of a Post-it Note. I believe I am experiencing some strange sign of growth.

- I had a good hair day on the day we shot our Christmas card photos.

- I maintained my 23.6 pound weight loss this week despite the consumption of about 10 mini-packs of Skittles in the same timeframe. And one mini-Snickers. And possibly also one mini-pack of M&Ms, but you'd have a hard time proving that one.


Rachel said...

Yeah, the Halloween candy monster is striking our house too!

Sarah T. said...

I do that thing where I forget what I was just thinking all of the time, and it seems like it's every time I'm on the phone with you. You're contagious.
Awesome job on the weight maintenance despite the candy. It's always good to know (for future reference) that when you're on a maintenance-only plan, you can have treats here and there.

Its So Very Cheri said...

I keep catching my hubby sneaking in the kids candy. It calls his name.


RLR said...

Yay - especially for getting all the way downstairs without getting distracted from the task at hand. That (the forgetting) happens pretty frequently around here.

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