Oct 12, 2009

Welcome, Fall

I finally decided that it was time to dig up the old Summer flowers and do something for Fall, even though our weather is still being a little unpredictable right now.

I remembered seeing pumpkin topiaries at someone's house last Fall , which I thought were the cutest little things I'd ever seen. I had to have some.

The guy who helps me with my seasonal plantings (I am CLUELESS about flowers and gardening in general) came by and put together a couple for me. One looked great:

And the other one looked a little, well, WOBBLY.

It only made it about 24 hours before the top two pumpkins fell over. Luckily, they weren't bruised or cracked, so I stacked them back up ... but I'm going to ask him to come back and see if he can do something more structural to help them stay upright.

He also created this cute little diddy in my birdbath:

I'm loving it. For the summer we'd done a bunch of flowers and greenery in it, with the base of river rocks, and I love this for Fall.

Inside I just got out my Fall garland (Hobby Lobby a few years ago on clearance) and smacked it up on the mantel.

I read so many design blogs (like, 25 or 30 of them) that it's easy for me to feel inferior for just putting one garland up, adding two mini-pumpkins and calling it a day -- especially with that photograph being so BLUE and all.

However, I have to tell myself that if I spent more time on interior decorating, I'd have less time for my kids, scrapbooking, blogging and Project Runway. And I simply MUST keep my priorities in order.


Rachel said...

I loved the wedding dress challenge on Project Runway last week. And I think your mantel looks lovely. :)

Sewconsult said...

For your toppling pumpkins...do you have any wooden skewers? I think stabbing them into each pair of pumpkins will stabilize them. (2 skewers for 3 pumpkins X 2=6 skewers!)
Your mantle looks great.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, Me too! I thought it was entertaining.

Sew, I considered that from the beginning, but Grayson said that once the skin is pierced, they will start to rot (AND attract bugs), which worries me. Have you tried that?

HandyFamily said...

Love the pumpkins...and your priorities!

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