Oct 25, 2009

My Saturday

I spent yesterday in Marietta, Ga., photographing this one-week-old ...

... and this two-year-old:

They belong to two of my friends from The Olden Days -- also known as the '80s -- and we get together every chance we get.

In celebration of Halloween (AND as an "incentive" for cooperative picture-taking), I took these:

And in honor of the Alabama-Tennessee game yesterday afternoon (which my entire state outside of my household was watching), I took these:

And a good time was had by all.


Melanie Maddox said...

When you say "I took these," I hope that you mean you brought some of those cookies back to share with us. :-)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Melanie, by "I took these," I actually meant that I took them to Georgia and they were all eaten, bye-bye.

HOWEVER, luckily you live within 10 minutes of Edgar's Bakery, so you can buy some for yourself!

Leslie said...

A good time WAS had! Thanks so much, Kat! The pictures are great and the kids loved the cookies. I'm already looking forward to getting together again in February. I hope I can be a better hostess by then!

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