Oct 29, 2009

Mommy fail

Jake is both very independent AND a food lover. It's not at all unusual for him to avail himself of whatever is in the fridge at a given moment ... his favorite things to grab are his milk and yogurt. Witness:

I may have mentioned at some point that Jake only uses a few words consistently (just like Nathaniel at that age), and he is, shall we say, CHOOSY about the times he's willing to use them. Coincidentally, the times he's willing to use them are generally THE TIMES THAT AREN'T AS CRITICAL IN ASSESSING HIS NEEDS.

For instance, he is perfectly willing to say "All done" when he's already taken off his bib and his tray has been licked clean -- when I can tell with my own eyes that he is, in fact, All Done. But when he still has half a tray of food left and has been in his chair all of three minutes but decides that he needs to Get Down, NOW, Please, he would rather wail and bang his dimpled fists on the tray than use his words. NOT AT ALL FRUSTRATING, SWEETIE.

So the other night I fixed a quick supper for the boys, settled Jake into his high chair, then left them with Grayson while I took my shower. When I came back down, Jake was fussing to get down from his chair. He wasn't quite done with his supper (in my opinion), but he was completely finished (in his opinion.)

My child, he is totally strong-willed, that one, and even though I tried to get him to sign or say "All done" that night, I had no luck. But when I got him down from his high chair, THIS was the point he made (quite well, without words, I might add):

Yes, I had prepared his supper and left him to endure his meal WITH NO MILK. (I actually shot this video the following night as a reenactment for you, so it is missing The Look of Reproach that accompanied the original action.)

But this illustrates why he feels no need to speak. He absolutely feels that he can do anything all by himself, he really only needs us around to lift him in and out of his crib every night and morning, and JUST GET HIM HIS MILK ALREADY. Other than that, we are completely extraneous humans who insist on limiting him to 20 ounces of yogurt a day when clearly he would thrive on four times that amount.


Sabrina said...

LOL. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! You are making me wish we didn't have a bottom drawer freezer/fridge. I bet my 14 month old would do the same, he is one independent little guy too.

Sarah T. said...

Aw. Little Jakey.

Rachel said...

How funny! I love that age.

Sewconsult said...

So cute. Now, a bit of advice from a mom who is old enough to be your mom...pull the plug! He will start talking more when he doesn't have the paci in his mouth. Talking will make it fall out, so why talk when he wants to keep the paci in. Being the 3rd child, he may not feel that he can out talk his big brothers, so why try. He is obviously very smart. He will talk, but
probably faster without the paci. (not fussing here, just speaking from experience.)
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Sew, Having the paci in his mouth was a little misleading ... I knew having it in the video would do that! He only takes it at naptime and at bedtime, but he is cutting a HUGE molar right now, so I'm letting him chew on it after he gets home from daycare. I totally agree with you, though, and we keep it away from him most all the time.

Sewconsult said...

Teething is the pits, isn't it? I can just hear the chewing on the paci! There's no other sound.

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