Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's T minus two hours before we start the process of becoming Captain Rex, Commander Cody and an Ewok.

The boys are acting as though two hours might as well be two YEARS.

They are DESPERATE to go ahead and get dressed.

But I convinced them that sitting on the couch for two-plus hours in long-sleeved, multi-layer costumes would be a form of self-imposed torture.

So instead we went outside and took some pictures of them looking precious in their Halloween T-shirts and khakis that we wore to the mall to grab lunch on this rainy day.

It was raining on us while we were out there, but since all of our Saturdays to visit the pumpkin patch this month were rained out, this was my only chance to get pictures of them in their shirts on the same day.

They were pretty cooperative. They like their ghost shirts.

And how could I have denied you the chance to see The Baby in yoga pants?

I couldn't have. He's just too cute. Look at that drawstring.

We didn't stay out in the drizzle too long, and it's supposed to clear up for trick-or-treating. So have a great evening, and we'll catch you on the other side.

Happy Halloween!

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