Sep 13, 2009

Sites I visit on Sundays

There aren't that many bloggers who post on Sundays, but a handful of my favorites do. Since I spent yesterday scrapbooking for 12 hours at a crop with friends (yea!), I don't have anything prepared to post today, so I thought I'd share my Sunday Hit List with you.

1. PostSecret - This site can be very graphic. Don't open it with your kids around -- this serves as a language and visual warning! But I am always very affected by the beauty in many of the secrets.

2. Pioneer Woman - Ree posts pretty much every day of the week, and I love her photography in particular.

3. Cake Wrecks - It's Sunday Sweets Day! They show the beautiful cakes on Sundays instead of the wrecks.

4. Driver's Side - This column appears in our local paper (well, on our local paper's Web site) and is a great resource for general driving questions and tips, as well as construction/road delay information.

5. Patrice - I check Patrice's blog every day of the week, sometimes more than once a day. Even though I have a feature on my blog that tells me when her last post was published, sometimes I drop in, just hoping that my information is faulty and that she has, in fact, posted a new picture or video of Jonah.

Do you have any blogs or sites that you regularly hit on Sundays?

1 comment:

Claire said...

Ooooh, I love PW! I usually check Patrice's also, I love her frequent updates!


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