Sep 21, 2009

May the forest be with you

Did you know that we are all about Star Wars at our house? YES WE ARE.

(I was going to go back and look up all the various Star Wars-related posts on my blog and link them to the individual words in that last sentence, but 1) I was afraid that the volume of that search might break Blogger, and 2) I don't have four extra hours on my hands.)

But suffice to say that if my children had to choose between Star Wars and, well, ANYTHING ELSE REQUIRED TO SUSTAIN LIFE, they'd probably choose Star Wars.

So when my sister found some Star Wars-esque shirts that nicely tied into Her Town Thousands of Miles Away from Us, she had to buy them and send them to the boys.

Good choice, because aside from the obvious renegade licensing issues (Dear George Lucas, I had nothing to do with the manufacturing of these shirts. Thank you.), they are just lovely.

Darth Vader has moose antlers. Luke is a bear. Two others dudes are a coyote and a fox. (And if you're cool like my sister, you pronounce coyote like they do out in Jackson: "ky-oat," with no long 'e' on the end.)

The tagline reads, "May the forest be with you." It's really just too cute. To quote Stylist-to-the-Stars Rachel Zoe, "I DIE." Nicholas can't stop laughing at what he calls "the hilarious Dorth Vay-dor." Those antlers just keep him in stitches.

And on a totally unrelated topic but one that bears mentioning and I don't want to write a one-sentence post later, I was really bummed that Jim Parsons lost out on Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy last night. He is BRILLIANT as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. AND HE WOULD LOVE THIS SHIRT.


Sarah T. said...

The coyote is Han Solo and the fox is Leia.

And I'm only 1816 miles away from you.

Rachel said...

Hehe. I'm such a Big Bang fan. My husband would be just like those guys if I let him. :) And Sheldon would point out all the idiosyncrasies in the shirt. But it is super cute!

Laurel said...

I heart Jim Parsons more than anything - BIG BANG PREMIERE TONIGHT!!!

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