Sep 14, 2009

A happy discovery

I've been experimenting with Splenda smoothie recipes over the last couple of weeks, since I can replace two of my dairies and fruits for the day with a smoothie sweetened with Splenda. So far, the couple I've tried haven't been very good ... definitely not good enough to make again or to use as a substitute for two fruits and two dairies.

However, all of the sudden blender usage stoked the boys' interest, and they wanted me to start making milkshakes. GREAT. HAPPY TO. I'll get right on that after I finish eating all this air.

One night I decided I would go ahead and make them milkshakes using vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, only to realize after going to all the effort of taking the blender down off the shelf that we didn't have any ice cream. However, I am nothing if not resourceful. We WERE in possession of a mostly full box of ice cream sandwiches. JACKPOT!

I unwrapped and cut eight of them up into small squares:

... then smooshed them in a bowl with a spatula. (That IS the technical direction for that step. Make a note of it.)

Next, I scraped that fine mess into the blender and added about a cup and a half of milk -- or however much it took to cover up the sandwich mush.

Then I turned the blender on and let it do its thing.
Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the end result in the blender. (Sorry! I'm no PW!) But here it is in a cup ... Vwah-lah! Beautiful grey sludge!

The Official Taste Test began. For quality assurance purposes, I also took one sip and Honey, let me tell you: THAT STUFF WAS DEE-VINE.

Each of them had a milkshake mustache going to beat the band. (They were hard for me to look at, because it reminded me of the Teens Growing Facial Hair that they will one day be. I SO HOPE THAT THEY WILL NEVER GROW THOSE STRANGE ALMOST-STACHES WHEN THEY'RE 13.)

Me: "Boys, how are they?"


Nathaniel: "GREAT."

Me: "Is it as good as Johnny Rocket's Cookies and Cream shake?"

In Unison: "EVEN BETTAH."

THAT, my Internet friends, is high praise indeed. Methinks it might become a tradition.


Sarah T. said...

I find it very odd that the picture Blue Bell chose to put on its box is of a mailwoman eating an ice cream sandwich. I would've chosen a picture of a cute kid or something. Plus, the mailwoman is going to get sticky ice cream sandwich mess all over the mail!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I thought the same thing. It also looks more like a mail carrier COSTUME than uniform. I truly don't get it.

Sarah T. said...

Also, if any of the boys ever DOES grow one of those gross half-staches, I'm flying to Birmingham to shave them in their sleep. Just an FYI.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow that looked so yummy. Hope to see your boys enjoyed them!!

KS said...

This sounds good, I might have to add ice cream sandwiches to the list and try it!

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