Sep 4, 2009

Haircut? What haircut?

I've been wanting to get Jake's hair cut for MONTHS now. I can't stand it when any of the boys' hair curls over their ears or gets all out of whack in the back. But I haven't been looking FORWARD to having his hair cut, because the other two were pretty terrible about it the first few times.

But JAKE. He was an entirely different story. You see, JAKE had never had a Dum-Dum sucker before we walked into Great Clips the other day.

I asked, "Jakey? Do you want a SUCKER? A SUCKER?" And he walked over and grabbed it out of my hand. I lifted him into the stylist's chair, and she went to work.

He just sat still. I think this is one of two times he took the sucker out of his mouth for a millisecond. I can't BELIEVE those fingernails didn't have him running for the hills, but honestly, his thoughts were 100 percent devoted to The Sucker.

Shew! Back in.

He never looked at her, not once.

Suck, suck, suck.

Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw.

Quick break for an inhalation and an exhalation.

Then back in again. With the Fingernails of Wicked Witches Past gripping his head.

"Haircut? WHAT haircut? I'm just havin' a sucker in a chair."

"No, seriously. What haircut?"

Ohhh, but it's so lovely to have his ears free from the nappy hair that was curling around them. What a cutie.

My perfect little punkin head with his perfect little haircut.

I'll have to remember what a great "tool" the Dum-Dums turned out to be.


Sarah T. said...

What a little champ!

Rachel said...

How cute. I just got Grasshopper's hair cut last month. Here's my post on that sad sad day.

RLR said...

Ah, they always look so much more grown up after a haircut! And the nails? Shew! One of the pediatricians at our practice has long nails, too. I just don't understand....

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