Sep 1, 2009


UPDATED: With an absolutely horrible picture of me that my sister bullied me into adding. I suppose it adds to the authenticity of my story (and therefore, the voracity of my blog) but STILL.

Last Saturday (I know. Sorry. I can't always get my pictures loaded in a timely manner.) I took Jake for a brisk walk in the stroller. Although there was a "chance of widely scattered showers," the sky looked very non-threatening when we departed:


When we got to the farthest point away from the house before turning around (about the 22- minute mark), the sky opened up with no warning at all (if you don't count the forecast) and DRENCHED US.

HUGE raindrops. POURING down. We were being pelted, as we were out in the middle of the street. I ducked into the driveway of a house that's for sale, because it had a nice canopy of trees. I tried to keep Jake "dry" under the stroller canopy. I was unsuccessful.

Surprisingly, he didn't make a peep. He didn't whimper, cry or express any displeasure at all. I thought he'd start screaming and not stop until we got back inside the house, but he never let on that it was a problem.

After 10 minutes of standing in the driveway (which wasn't helping matters at all), I decided to just make a run for it. We jogged the 12 minutes or so back to the house, just soaking up the rain. A couple of times cars came by and hit their brakes, and I thought someone was going to try to "save" us. (No one stopped. Just as well ... I wouldn't have taken them up on the offer. Even if it had been one of our neighbors or friends, I would have just continued on our way. We were so wet, there was no salvaging us!)

The main reason I couldn't keep Jake's head dry was that he kept doing this:

I took these after we'd gotten home and the rain had slowed to a drizzle (and he was unbuckled), but this is what he kept doing in the rain. Child kept standing up on the footrest like Kate and Leo on the bow of the Titanic, at times lifting his arms into the air to fully embrace the rain.

Too much, that kid. I tell you. Adorable.

Also, a drowned rat. His hair was matted down with rain, and his clothes were plastered to his body.

I was an identically sorry sort of specimen. (I honestly cannot BELIEVE that I just added that picture of me, drenched, with no makeup on.)

And the stroller was wet through.

I tried to get some pictures of the falling rain right after we got back, but I'm not sure how well you'll be able to see it on the blawg. Street, with rain:

Sidewalk, with rain:

Puddle, made of rain:

Internet, where would you go for meaningless, boring pictures of plain old rain if I were not here to serve you? WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL OF YOUR LIFE?


Anonymous said...

The problem with google reader is, I don't get updates when you update, post posting an entry... luckily I stumbled upon this gem while looking for the link to send to Lala.

Right-click, save...ahh yes...Blackmail material...

Although, now I don't know how useful it is since its on the world wide webz...


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Walter, the APPROPRIATE response would have been, "What? You look GREAT!"

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