Aug 7, 2009

Slices of Life, Vol. 27

We have periodic conversations with the boys about what constitutes "age-appropriate" TV and movie viewing and computer games, since they seem to want to watch things like Spongebob SquarePants other TV shows better-suited to older kids and/or teens. So Grayson walked into the den recently to find Nicholas on the computer ...

Grayson: "What are you doing, Nick?"

Nicholas: "I'm listening to stories on Bookflix. IT IS APPWOPWIATE FOR ME."


Last fall, we let Nicholas play soccer on a team in our local league, because he'd had so much fun "subbing" on Nathaniel's team during the prior season. (He wore one of Nathaniel's old uniforms and played when they were short one or two players, which ended up being several games.) However, last fall, he quickly tired of it and lost ALL of the enthusiasm he'd had just months before, and we had to literally drag him to his last few games, kicking and screaming.

So this spring, I had told him he would not be playing, and he was totally fine with that. We took him to games and practices, and he didn't seem to miss it one bit. I decided to double-check one night to be sure he was OK with how things were shaping up:

Me: "Nick, are you glad you're not playing soccer this season?"

Nicholas: "Yes."

Me: "Do you think you might like to play another sport this fall, maybe T-ball?"

Nicholas: "Yes." [long pause] "Wait a minute. Are there more than two people on a T-ball team?"

Me: "Yes. There are several."

Nicholas: "Then NO, I do NOT want to play T-ball."

So apparently he's more of a one-man-team sportsman. Perhaps I should look into tennis.


I was working on the computer recently while the boys were watching TV:

Me: "Can you turn the volume down a little? It's way too loud."

Nathaniel: "You'll get used to it."

Me: "Are you talking to ME?"

Nathaniel: "Yes."

Me: "Well, that's rude. I don't want to get USED to the loud volume; I just want you to turn it down a little."

Nathaniel: "But you WOULD get used to it. I eventually got used to Jake's spit-up, and THAT was a bad smell. THIS is just SOUND."


Jake knocked over a can of Diet Coke on the computer desk, and Grayson reached quickly for the first thing he could find to catch it -- Nicholas' Croc -- before it ran off onto the chair.

Nicholas: "No! Don't use THAT! It's not Coke-proof ... it's only WATERproof!"


On the way back from our trip to the beach with Grayson's family, we stopped at IHOP to eat lunch. After we ordered, Nathaniel, age 6, asked me every few minutes how long it would be until the food arrived.

Nathaniel: "How long NOW, Mommy?"

Me: "A minute less than the last time you asked me."

Nathaniel: "But how long is THAT?"

Me: "Probably about six or seven more minutes."

Nathaniel: "I'll be TEN by then."


The big boys were playing a Wii game with Grayson one weekend:

Grayson: "Nick, don't shoot! DON'T SHOOT! That's ME! DON'T SHOOT ME! Get away! Get away! Shoot the other guy!"

Nick: [grappling wildly with his Wii remote] "I'M PANICKING."


When my sister arrived for her recent visit, she noticed some dark places under Nick's eyes.

Sarah Ellen: "Nick, what is that under your eye?"

Nicholas: "Oh, that's sunburnz."


Nathaniel and Nicholas sit side by side at the kitchen island to eat their meals. Recently, as the boys were eating:


Nathaniel: [no visible or audible response]

Me: "Nathaniel, it may have been an accident, but I'd like you to say you're sorry."

Nathaniel: "What. I didn't feel a thing."


I've always been hot-natured, and I like to keep the temperature in the car pretty chilly while I drive. Recently, on the way up to the lake in the minivan:

Me: " Are you hot or are you comfortable back there, boys?"

Nathaniel: "I'm comfortable."

Nick: "I'm a little hot, but I do NOT want cold air blowing on me. I AM HOT AND COMFORTABLE."


Sabrina said...

Man, your boys are hilarious! I wish I would have kept a blog about all the funny things my daughter said, I find pieces of paper every now and then with things I wrote down.

Anyway, they are cute and out mama!

Sarah T. said...

I have never been hot and comfortable. Nick has skills.

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