Aug 13, 2009

School is back in session

It's been a pretty busy week around here, getting ready to go back to school. On Monday we went to Meet the Teacher at Nathaniel's elementary school, and as soon as we walked in the door, it felt like it was going to be a great year.

Ms. H. had everyone's place assigned, with paperwork for the parents at each place and a set of bubbles for each child.

She'd talked to each of the kids individually the week before to get a sense of "who they are" so that she could seat them at tables together with other kids they'd hopefully get along with. (She made a special point to put the boys who like Star Wars together. I don't know if it's brilliant or a death wish.)

Ms. H. greeted us warmly, asking Nathaniel if he's a hugger or a high-fiver. "High-fivah," he said. So she gave him five, and then she agreed to pose for a picture with him for his scrapbook.

She'd arranged her room in a really cute way, with this way-cool reading corner for the kids.

She'd set each table up with craft materials in bright containers, each space made even more happy by the addition of colorful flowers.

Nathaniel loved this portion of the room ... this is where they'll gather to listen to Ms. H. read to them and do daily announcements, and it has BLEACHERS for the kids. Again, brilliant OR a death wish. (Nathaniel and Nicholas jumped off of them 20 times when we were there for our 20-minute visit.)

Lots of educational materials everywhere we turned ...

... And no corner was colorless. Everything was very bright and stimulating.

After I took a picture of Nathaniel in front of the school, we headed home to get the supplies on our list and prepare for the start of the year, just two days later.

Yesterday morning Nathaniel got up by himself at 5:45, got dressed and ate a Pop-Tart before Grayson and I ever got out of bed. He was EXCITED! He could hardly wait to get out to the bus stop near our house, so we headed out at 6:50 -- although the bus wasn't due until 7:03.

We waited, and waited, and waited. FINALLY, at 7:12 we heard its engine revving up as it turned the corner onto our street.

Nathaniel said, "MOMMY. MY HEART IS BEATING MEDIUM. Feel it." And he pressed my hand to his chest, where I could feel it beating a mile a minute. (And then I promptly melted into a puddle in our neighbors' driveway.)

I asked, "Do you think it's because you're so excited?" And he answered, "Yeah, prob'ly." And then the bus pulled up and he was off like a shot.

"Nathaniel, buddy. Nathaniel ... Nathaniel!"

But all I got was that glimpse of the corner of his backpack as he moved down the aisle of the bus. IT IS HARD TO GO FROM BEING THE CENTER OF SOMEONE'S WORLD TO BEING PERSONA NON GRATA. (Hello, first grade. I dislike you already.)

He did wave at me once he got settled in his seat, so I guess that's SOMETHING I can hold onto.

And then, just as quickly as it had arrived, the bus pulled away. And then he had a FABULOUS day.

He loved his teacher, he enjoyed his classmates, and he can't wait to go back tomorrow. And GUESS WHAT. If I can't remember to look on the fridge to see what they're having for lunch one day, I CAN FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER. (I know. You are madly jealous of my Photoshop skills. Sorry. I was in a hurry.)

The times, they are a'changin'.


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

See I need the unedited version! Can you email me that twitter account? I need that one!!!

We had a good day, too.....

Today, well, it involved bribery in the form of flipflops and a tacky outfit! Whatever!

Sarah T. said...

I'm with Megan. Why are you keeping that website and Twitter account to yourself? I'd like to know what the children in Bluff Park are eating for lunch. Maybe it will inform my own lunch-making decisions.

Wade's World said...

The whole "heart beating medium" thing brought tears to my eyes. My little man just started a new preschool and it's so hard watching them walk away from you! I have 2 more years before kindergarten, but it's gonna KILL me!

RLR said...

"My heart is beating medium" - love it! And how cool that you can get tweets about the lunch menu! I'll have to see if they do that here... School starts here in less than two weeks - my oldest is starting kindy. I'm excited, but know I'll melt before I make it out of the parking lot....

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh, I was surprised that I didn't cry on Nathaniel's first day of Kindergarten! I think he was just so excited that my overwhelming emotion was pride, not sadness. I was just so darn proud of him! I will be praying for you on that first day of Kindergarten ... I know you'll be fine. :)

Delores B. said...

Thanks for letting us experience Nathaniel's day...what precious memories!! Unlike the old hymn they don't linger as long as we wish so it is wonderful that you are recording them.

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