Aug 2, 2009

A note about our weekend

We've only been home for an hour, so I haven't had time to go through my pictures and decide what to post yet. More on that tomorrow or Tuesday.

But we spent the weekend in Marietta visiting friends, and we doubled the number of kids in their house, with our three. It was a loud house.

I had to laugh at this set of "Don't" reminders that Leslie had posted on her fridge. Mostly tongue-in-cheek, it cracked me up (click it to enlarge it, if needed):

In all honesty, it was a wonderful weekend full of laughter and hardly any scratches, bruises or scrapes. And I can't remember any screaming... by the adults, anyway.

All in all, a success. Hope it was a wonderful weekend for all of you, too!

1 comment:

megan said...

Hi, I read your blog quite often, but never comment. I had to laugh out loud about the to don't list! What honesty...I love it. The perfect description of some days of motherhood!

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