Aug 19, 2009

Minus 8.2

I was terrified that this week would be the Week of the First Plateau, but we narrowly dodged that bullet. This week we lost one more pound!

Granted, it would have been nice to continue the three-pound trend, given the tee-tiny amounts of food I am eating, but I was only able to exercise three out of seven days over the last week. That simply isn't enough for me ... my body wants to hang onto this weight like it's solid gold, so I really have to be vigilant about walking every single day. Unfortunately, this week weather and travel conspired against me, but I'll take one lost pound over any type of gain.

Here are some things I have learned this week:

1. My skin does not like healthy food. I have broken out LOTS since I started on Jenny. HELLO, PIMPLES. NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN AFTER 15 YEARS.

2. Sugar is beautiful, and I miss it. Greatly. Every minute of every day.

3. When they say you can "substitute" something for something else, it is never a satisfactory experience. For instance, a husband cannot substitute a cubic zirconia ring for a diamond one without serious repercussions. By the same token, you cannot substitute all of my Beloved Carbs with cheap imitations such as "whole wheat pasta" and "breadsticks" which I am pretty sure contain no actual bread at all, but are gym socks cut into the shape of a breadstick.

4. Jenny's Complete Start Cereal is the single worst idea they've ever had. When I opened the package, I thought, "Uh oh. That looks like dirt." Upon the first spoonful, I was disappointed to find that it actually TASTED like dirt, too. Let's have a look:

What? Closer, you say? My pleasure.

See how it appears as though I might have walked out to my backyard, dug a little hole, and poured what came out of that hole into a bowl so I could eat it? For a few moments this morning, I had to convince myself that I hadn't actually DONE that.

5. Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies are a temptation from the devil.

Yesterday morning my counselor asked me if I had any goals that were keeping me going, keeping me committed to the program. She specifically asked if I have any "inspiration pictures" on my bulletin board or anything like that.

No, but I have two goals in my mind that I want to meet, and these are intensely personal to me, goals that no one will be able to notice externally but will make me smile a little bit inside when I meet them.

The first goal is to be able to cross my legs at the knee and not have my leg shoot out at a 60-degree angle. I want that sucker to point DOWN.

The second goal is to not cringe inwardly when someone takes a picture of me. For the last year, I haven't been able to STAND for a camera to point at me, and I just want to cry when one does. The only reason ANY pictures have been taken of me is that I want the boys to have me in their scrapbooks over the last year (especially Baby Jake, as it was his very FIRST year), but there hasn't been a single one that I would ever really want to see again. SO, I want to get to the point where I can be OK with pictures of myself.

Same Bat time, same Bat channel next week, friends. And thanks for your support as I continue to resist the siren song emanating from my pantry.


anonymous said...

congratulations on your weight loss. i know you said that you had a hard time working out this week, (i have a hard time working out every week), but i've found the best work out dvd. it Jillian Michaels(biggest loser torturer, i mean trainer) 30 day shred. i just started doing it last week. it takes 20 minutes. she breaks it up into 3 sections, abs, cardio and strength and then has 3 diff. workout levels. i'm still on 1. i just started a week ago but i do really enjoy it and it only takes 20 minutes. i got it on amazon for under $10 (it's $15 at target). i have similar personal goals that i don't share either. i need to lose 20lbs to be at a healthy weight and i can't find anything that works. WW worked in the past but they have changed things so much that i didn't have good results the last time i tried it.

sorry to ramble. good luck.

Sarah T. said...

So proud of you!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Shanna, I have been doing The Shred for a while, but right now (with school starting), we've slacked off a little. You can read about our experiences with The Shred here:

anonymous said...

i'm sorry, i didn't know you had tried it. i can imagine the lack of time you have w/the boys.
i just read your post and laughed. i hurt pretty badly after the first day. i'm getting ready to start series 2 in the workouts. it's going to be interesting.

have a good day,

RLR said...

Sorry about the dirt for breakfast. I, too, hate seeing myself in pictures. My additional motivation is a closet fulled with new-ish clothes that haven't fit me since before my second pregnancy (and they are CUTE!). I'm going to keep up with your progress, and hope I'm as successful. Once the kids are in school, I'll be walking/running with friends (couch to 5K) and I'm also joining a second group for some additional accountability!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Shanna, I'm not off The Shred permanently ... I actually really liked it. I just have to figure out how to manage it when it doesn't involve starting it at 9:00 at night. That just wasn't going to work long-term.

RLR, I've seen your pictures on your blog, and you are cute as a button. Perfect just as you are! Of course, I know from my own experience that what others think is secondary to how you personally feel about your appearance, so I wish you all the best with your weight loss and getting fit. You go, girl!

shanemotb said...

So proud of you! Love the dirt for breakfast! Yum! ;)

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