Aug 24, 2009

Blue lips and chattering teeth still make for a great day, apparently

We used to have season passes to Alabama Adventure, the amusement park/water park that's only about 30 minutes from our house.

But when Jake was born, we decided to take a couple of years off from that expense, since we didn't think he'd be too keen on the whole experience for a while. So last year we didn't make it to the park at all, and this year I just bought one set of tickets for us to use at the time of our choice.

Unfortunately, we hadn't managed to find a weekend to use the tickets, and the summer is almost over! So we decided that we'd go yesterday, and what a day it was!

It was 80 degrees and sunny, but WINDY. That meant that we were very cold. However, it did not diminish the boys' capacity to have a ton of fun. We started out in the baby area, where the slides aren't steep and the water is shallow. Here's Nick rippin' it up on one of the lower slides:

And Nathaniel doing the same:

Nick decided it wasn't challenging enough, so he started experimenting with different positions as he came down the slides.

Nathaniel followed suit.

Before long, they were holding hands, trying not to (or trying TO; I'm not sure) rip each others' arms off while sliding down.

Jake started out small, just hanging out near the bottom of the slides in the shallowest part of the large pool.

His Little Mermaid swim diapers are the only ones we have left from this season ... at some point when we needed a pack, this was all the store had left. Luckily, he's so secure in his masculinity that it didn't faze him at all.

Pretty soon, though, he was lured to the slides by the sounds of the squeals and laughter.

And he really loved it!

He kept running back to the steps, over and over again, and he wanted to do it All By Himself, of course, shrugging off the hands that were offered to help him.

Not EVERY ride went so smoothly, though. Sometimes he'd start off a little cattywampus and not be able to stay upright.

This is how far into the day we got before the batteries in my little carry-around camera went dead: seven minutes.

So you'll just have to take my word for it that everyone had a fabulous time, I went down a pitch-black waterslide that was SO MUCH FUN, Jake and I left at 1:30 to come home for his nap, the other boys stayed until almost 6:00, they went to the amusement park side and rode roller coasters, bumper cars and swirly cup things, and Grayson missed the right exit on the way home on purpose so they didn't get here until 7:30 and he "didn't have time to give them a bath."

(Just kidding about the "on purpose" part. I think. The rest of it is true.)


Sarah T. said...

Looks like you had a blast--I'm so impressed you went on the black out slide--was it scary? Did the big boys go on it, too?

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It was really fun! The black-out slide really WAS kind of scary. VERY DARK in there, as you can imagine. Nick and Nathaniel both did it multiple times and LOVED it each time. They didn't want to stop.

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