Jul 17, 2009

Touring: the master bedroom

I don't have pictures to share of a really cute kids' party, but I thought I'd jump in to Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday tour and just do what she did a few weeks ago (that I didn't get around to in time), which is the master bedroom.

When you walk in our bedroom door, you're thisclose to the foot of our bed. Smallish room, biggish bed. Didn't someone once say that a king-size bed is the key to a happy marriage? THEY WERE SO RIGHT.

Biggest regret in this room: That I didn't hang the curtain rods six inches higher.

Second biggest regret in this room: That I'm too lazy to do it now.

I keep my slippers by the side of the bed at all times. They're comfy Deerfoams that I bought at Costco. The quilt is from (you know it) Pottery Barn, and the giclee print above the bed is from art.com.

I loved the print when I first saw it, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet, after a couple of years. I guess art in the bedroom is something that you actually don't spend that much time with, especially if it hangs over your bed. So in that respect, I guess I might never get tired of it.

My bedside table is home to the alarm clock that doesn't do a very good job of waking me up, my table lamp by which I love to read (great soft light that is due more to the lightbulb than the lamp, but the lamp is prettier so I give it all the credit), the video monitor that gives me a view of Jake's crib, and the ever-changing stacks of books I'm always wading through. (Read any Lee Child? HE'S GREAT.) There is also a moderate level of dust on the table -- and every other surface in the house. Sorry. I should have wiped it down for the picture, at least.

The bedside table also holds my trusty remotes. I, of course, love my TiVo like no other material possession, and the overhead fan remote is a lifesaver, too. If you are taller than 5'2", you may not be concerned with turning on your fan ... it may come easily to you. However, I am very short and the fan is mounted over our bed. I either have to climb all the way up on the bed to turn it on or use the remote. I choose the remote.

To the left of the door when you walk in, and directly in front of the bed, is Grayson's dresser. It holds the big TV, TiVo, a DVD player and Grayson's alarm clock, which he has to get out of bed to turn off. No turning it off and rolling over for him. Nope ... he has to walk over there and turn it off. He's been telling me for years that I should do that, too, but I just can't.

Hanging above the dresser is a beautiful watercolor painted by a talented artist who attends our church. I bought it at a silent auction earlier this year, and I just love it.

To the right of our bed is my chest of drawers, which is topped by lots of pictures of friends and family. I've been trying to declutter, but I can't seem to part with all of my framed pictures. There are piles of boxes to the left and right of my chest of drawers, mostly things I'm donating in the aforementioned Great Decluttering of Aught-Nine.

That's pretty much it for our bedroom! It's modest but cozy, and it's our little haven in the house when we need some quiet moments!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Katherine, thanks for stopping by! Lovely tour of your bedroom. Lee Childs, I'll have to check him out. I love mysteries & see you have James Patterson too, he's always entertaining.

I have another friend who has a son named Grayson too! So glad to meet other B'ham girls. There are a bunch of us out there.

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