Jul 29, 2009

Stylin' in his new shoes

When I discovered two bloody blisters on Jake's left foot, I decided it was high time to replace his shoes. (I'm nothing if not an attentive parent.)

I took the boys to the mall (the Stride-Rite is the only place I can find open past 5:00 that carries XW shoes) after work, and we made our presence known in ways that only we can.

Jake was THRILLED to find a pair of faux-Crocs that fit his very fat, juicy feet.

And I must say, they are WAY cuter than real Crocs! They look like crocodiles. Precious.

Because I didn't have socks with me (because I wasn't letting Jake wear his old shoes after I discovered his blisters), I had to buy socks in the store.

"Hello, nice shoe lady. Let me take those socks off your hands for you. I just LOVE what you picked out ... they match my shirt perfectly!"

"Here, you can have them back so I can properly assess the shoes."

"I'm diggin' the shoes."

"I LOVE this shoe lady! She is totally into me."

"I'm just gonna play for a minute over here while you pay."

"I'm PAST ready to go. I'm hungry. Let's split."

After we finished up at the shoe store, we headed down to the food court to grab a bite to eat. I let Nick handle his own ketchup, from tearing open the packets to putting it on his "plate." You can see that it went well, if you count 50 percent of the ketchup hitting the plate as "going well."

There was plenty on the table, but did you notice where ELSE it ended up?


It looked like a crime scene with its spatters and smudge.

After they finished eating, they asked for a treat and since -- aside from the column splattering -- they'd done so well, I bought the big boys Chick-fil-A Ice Dreams in to-go cups. They followed me and Jake in a little ice cream parade through Belk. We hit the store entrance ...

Followed by the shoe department ...

Followed by cosmetics ...

And jewelry, where Nick asked me to take his picture with his Ice Dream.

And the whole time, Jakey sat turned around in his stroller, watching them eat. It was sort of a pitiful sight.

But he has some sort of an infection, and I didn't want them sharing with him and possibly getting it. Poor, deprived baby.

But he DID get two new pairs of shoes, and hopefully his blisters will heal really quickly. So sorry, baby!


RLR said...

Ah - Stride Rite - home of the XW shoe! My son started out in an XW, still in a W at age 5 1/2. Thankfully, those are a bit easier to find!
You're not the only one who's so attentive about the shoes.... Earlier in the summer, my daughter said, "Ouch," when I was helping her with her shoes. We went up a full size when I took her to the shoe store that afternoon....

(Word verification - miceri. With a soft 'c', that sounds like 'misery' - is Blogger trying to tell me something?)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh, Yep, I can only shop at Stride Rite for Jake. Nick and Nathaniel are both still in Wide shoes (and Nathaniel is almost 7, so you might still have a ways to go in wide shoes!), but they carry Wide shoes in limited styles at places like Adademy Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods, so at least I have some options when it comes to them.

Sarah T. said...

Those crocodile crocs are cute.

Unknown said...

Cute crocodile shoes. I love this post.

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Those feet on that baby of yours are absolutely PRECIOUS. I feel the need to squeeze them.

shanemotb said...

Those "crocs" are absolutly adorable! Are they the Stride Right brand? Too Cute! I am sure my 9 year old twins wouldn't appreciate them, but I do have someone to give a birthday gift to that would LOVE them! By the way... I am Shane, mommy of twin boys Alex and Sam who are 9-almost 10. I found your blog from sweet baby Jonah's blog. I love reading your stuff!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Lora Lynn, You would be a PRO at squeezing baby feet. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Shanemotb, yes, the faux Crocs are Stride Rite brand, I believe. They were hanging on the wall in the store, not sitting on a display shelf as their shoes normally do. I toyed with not getting them, since Jake can't wear them to daycare, but decided that with our frequent trips to The Preserve and the pool, they would be money well-spent. I hope you can find them in your local store!

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