Jul 26, 2009

Ready, aim, fire

There's just nothing like a good, old-fashioned water balloon fight.

I found a few packs of water balloons last summer at the Dollar Store and stocked up on them. This week the boys wanted to pull some out, fill them up and launch them at each other.

Here's Nathaniel by his freshly filled ammunition. THAT IS A LOOK OF PRIDE.

And here's Nick with his pile. THAT IS A LOOK OF ANTICIPATION. The anticipation of condoned, sustained violence, of the glory of being wet in the summertime, of possibly maiming one's brother. His joy knows no bounds.

They took a couple of practice throws to get ready.

And then it began. I didn't want to subject anyone to the full battle, but I captured a couple of minutes of it.

Laughter, tears and welts were all a part of the afternoon. I'm pretty sure they don't think it could have gone any better.

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