Jul 1, 2009

Just when you thought you were safe, I drag you back in

Well, it's officially out with the old ...

and in with the new!

It is BEAUTIFUL. It reminds me of a '57 Chevy or something, with its beautiful lines and elegant script logo.

I have to admit, when I turned the corner this evening after work to check it out, I think I sort of thought it would be fire-engine red and have racing stripes or something. I thought it would look more like it was saying, "That's riiiiiiiight, little lady. Four thousand smackaroos, AND DON'T I LOOK GREAT BETWEEN YOUR SHRUBS?"

But it's rather unassuming, actually. It DOES look nicer than our other unit, which is still kicking along at more than a decade old. The one on the right cools our main level and basement, and it's actually a few years OLDER than the dud we just had to replace. So I want to coddle it, love on it, hold an umbrella over its head when it rains. I stood in the side yard this evening and begged it, "Please, please, little main-level-and-basement unit ... please keep on ticking for several more years. We need you."

So after I got done talking to my air conditioners, I hurried inside to see if I could breathe upstairs. And lo and behold ...

All is right with the world. Well, all is COOLER, anyway. And all is DIGITAL. Veddy nice. I likee. I enjoyed my first 69-degree bedtime in three nights last night, just as the Lord intended.

Peace out.

1 comment:

Amy said...

So glad you are cool again! Nothing's more miserable than trying to sleep in the heat! We had BOTH units replaced last year....I feel your pain at wanting the other to hold out as long as it can!

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