Jul 8, 2009

It's all downhill from Wednesday

I don't know if it's just me or not, but whenever I'm on vacation (like this one, annually) from Saturday to Saturday, I always enjoy the vacation the most mentally on Sunday and Monday.

On Tuesday I'm already thinking, "Tomorrow will be halfway. From then on, the glass is half empty." And on Wednesday, I'm thinking, "Our time here is halfway over. We're going to be so sad when it's time to pack just two days from now." And don't even get me STARTED about Thursday and Friday.

But I'm going to try -- for your sakes -- to keep my chin up in this Wednesday post.

Today we -- ALL TOGETHER NOW -- spent the morning on the beach. Got there early. Again. (Although I'm sure my boys will appreciate me telling you -- as they told me several times -- that they let me sleep an extra 15 minutes this morning. Thank you, boys.)

As always, we looked like a small city converging on our little stretch of beach and ocean.

There is usually some degree of gender separation at work on the beach. Here, Anna Kate and Abby are enjoying each other's company, stylin' in their monogrammed rash guards. Because what is the point, really, of even WEARING a rash guard if it isn't monogrammed? I can't think of one.

A little farther down the beach, someone has found a hole. I wish there was a song I could quote about finding a great hole on the beach, because if there were one, Jake would have been singing it when he spotted this one.

"I found a hole! I found a hole! Everybody! I found a hole. And I'm going to get in it. Alley oop!"

"Lowering, lowering, PIVOT, PIVOT, lowering ..."


After enjoying the hole, Jake made tracks (literally) into the ocean.

Shortly thereafter, I wished there was a song about finding a stick. Because if there were, I'd be quoting it here.


"I'm going to race down to the water with it. Once I get there, I have no idea what I'm going to do, but it seems like the right thing to do at the moment. I am only a baby. I don't think that far ahead."

"One thing I DO know is that it just feels right to puff out my chest and my thighs with pride as I carry my stick."

It wasn't long before Jake adopted the worldwide symbol of Baby's First Trip to the Beach: the sandy face.

It was epic in its intensity. Snot is a prerequisite.

The bigger kids were pretty much just running around with shovels. See: two photos below.

Perhaps shovels are the great unifying factor between the genders.

My brother-in-law's sister Melanie (also widely renowned as the 4th of July Program Director) spent part of the morning playing catch with Will and Ali.

Nick and Charlie enjoyed being buried up to their knees in the sand.

And Jake stayed busy, running back and forth to the ocean. (No wind today, by the way. The ocean was much calmer today than it's been all week.)

"OK, I'm bored of running back and forth to the ocean. Who shall entertain me? Nathaniel, please run toward me and then fall down in the sand and roll aimlessly. YES! JUST LIKE THAT! That is HILARIOUS."

"Why did you stop? I command you to do it again. And again. And again."


We also had another couple of exciting wildlife sightings today, although neither was as scary as the shark from yesterday.

In the picture below, you can "see" a dolphin fin in the upper center of the frame, to the right of the tourist boat.

And in THIS one, you can see the little ghost crab that found its way into our swimming pool. Big Jake rescued it and released it on the beach.

After I took Little Jake inside and gave him a bath, he enjoyed some quality time with G-daddy (Grayson's dad) in the den. They played with trucks and read a book.

Then, during naptime, a head-to-head Scrabble match of epic proportions took place. The concentration was impressive. It was a battle between Patrice and Adam, both Scrabble wizards.

In case Patrice wants to blog about it, I won't divulge the outcome.

Well played, lads, well played.
After supper, we spent an hour taking pictures of the different families on the beach. I'd thought I might post some tonight, but I took a LOT, and I need to weed through them. Perhaps tomorrow, to take my mind off the fact THAT IT WILL BE THURSDAY ALREADY.


Grayson said...

I never realized till now that Katherine is really a pessimist disguised as a happy person.

Sarah T. said...

I agree. Although maybe it's not pessimism, just not "being in the moment." I would have thought I was the more pessimistic sister, but you won't find me having those thoughts next week when I'm on vacation. (Is visiting Birmingham and helping take care of the boys "vacation"? I've decided, yes.)

On another note, those are my favorite Jakey pictures of all time. Great post, Kat.

Anonymous said...

I have those same thoughts Kat, but they're fleeting and they definitely don't diminish my gusto for activity. Have a great week with Sarah Ellen! I'm so excited for your upcoming week!

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