Jul 4, 2009

Happy 4th to one and all

So we arrived at the beach today, as I mentioned earlier. LOTS OF PEOPLE HERE. Coleman (on the left, below) and Jake wanted so badly to get out on the beach with the older kids. They stood at the back door like two little bichon frises, hopping around, hoping to be let out.

They were so excited to be here, and we were ALL excited to be here with THIS little guy: the rock star known as Jonah!

There was lots of July 4th fun to be had all afternoon and evening. Here are my sister- and brother-in-law Debbie and Gerry holding Jonah and Jake during the July 4th "show" put on by the kids.

And speaking of THE SHOW, here's a glimpse ... my brother-in-law's sister Melanie (got that?) puts it together every year, and it's adorable. Even the babies get to participate ... well, the ones who are awake. Coleman -- just a couple of months younger than Jake -- hit the sack before it ever got started this year, so he missed it. Still, the 12 who took part in it were adorable.

The girls -- our ladies of liberty -- shined in particular this year. That's Anna Kate, Ali and Abby, from left to right.

And no children's production is complete without the Parental Paparazzi hovering nearby.

Jakey had so much fun all evening long ... from the hamburger supper to the party out on the porch, he was in fine form.

Oh, and I have to include this one just because I think it's the first shot I've gotten of his TOP TEETH. He has four on top and two on bottom now.

We typically have the boys drink milk or juice at home, but sometimes they get a special treat of Caffeine-free Diet Coke. And boy, do we love our Coke products. This evening was a special-treat kind of time.


And although the youngest of our brood can't get a Coke product to save his life, he loves to THINK that he can.

"I want one, and I plan to have one. Watch me."

"Look, I want it so badly, I'll turn on my really cute face."

And then he grabbed one and turned it up like an old pro. Too bad the top was sealed. Other than that, he looked like he was downing it in one gulp.

After our meal and the kids' show were complete, we enjoyed fireworks under the moonlight. I took some pictures of the fireworks, but they're terrible. Here's a passable one of the moon.



Its So Very Cheri said...

We did fireworks at the beach yesterday as well-so fun...
I check your blog from time to time and pray for Jonah.
Just wanted to let you know about a peek preview to a give away I am doing that starts tomorrow.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Cheri, Thanks for checking in! I visited your blog and enjoyed seeing your pictures. Jonah is a pure joy, and thanks so much for praying for him!

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